Gardening Club Open for Business

Spring has sprung and Tommy Blanchard, Chairman of Clyne and Resolven Gardening Club, has already opened the gardening supplies shed in Clydach Avenue, Resolven (near the blue bridge).



Tommy is there every Saturday morning between 11 and 12 to serve all customers not just members (though joining the club won’t break the bank —just 50 p!) and the club stocks a wide range of gardening supplies. You can buy almost anything from grow bags to slug pellets, compost to weed killer.  The only thing Tommy can’t provide is ideal gardening weather and he reckons because everything is about a month behind after our harsh winter, we need to be extra careful before planting out.

Remember this a few weeks ago?  A photo of frozen Clydach brook taken near the blue bridge by our RDN reporter Diane Sims