Funeral notice for Mrs Beryl Evans (née Llewellyn)

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Another Resolven Poet-Barry Britzman

Barry Britzman spent some of his younger years in Resolven and he has just published a book of poetry much influenced by his time in the village and the valley.


The full title of the collection is “INEXPLICABLE FRAGMENTS.  Selection of Poems of  Love, Life, Time & Place”.

It is a personal, biographical and historical account of what the valley gave to me, and a little of my life since leaving the valley.

Few will know, that my mother was a member of the Melincourt Bowen family that hailed originally from Llantwit, and Llandeilo Talybont connected also with the Jones family of Ammanford. As the Britzman family, we arrived in 1939, to live in Maesgwynrig near Cwmgwrach. Fewer still will know, my father worked at the RAF camp at Stormy Down – or that he and I, on a visit from Pyle to Swansea, on February 19th 1941, were caught up in the Swansea Blitz. An event after which, our lives took an extraordinary turn for the worse. Brief historical notes are included at the end of the book reflecting on both our reluctant leaving of Wales and domicile in East Yorkshire – all at the whim of the War Office.

By the strange quirk of misfortune becoming good-fortune, I returned to Wales in 1953, where but for two brief interludes I have remained ever since. It has been a life blessed with good fortune and blighted by the accidents  of fate.


Barry’s book is avalable at “Between the Covers” in Mumbles

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Congratulations to Councillor Neal Francis

On Wednesday 9th May I as Chair of Resolven Community Council along with my wife, Joy, I had the honour of being invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

It was an amazing experience and it was also a beautiful sunny day.


We were also lucky enough to be introduced to the King where he asked me which Community Council I was Chair of and that it must be a tough job to which I replied that it could be hard at times but it was a very rewarding experience helping the community. He said that a piece of his heart would forever be in Wales and to pass his regards onto the community in Resolven..


The picture attached of the gentleman in the kilt is the of “The Kings Piper” He was the person who played “The Last Lament” at Her Late Majesty’s funeral at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.


Joy and I both had a truly magical day which we will never forget.

Neal Francis

Report on the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Resolfen History Society

A Report on the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Resolfen History Society

Some 26 members and friends of the Society gathered at the Church hall to celebrate the milestone of having been in existence for over 40 years. Mrs Jane Llewelyn provided a sumptuous buffet for the occasion, which was enjoyed by one and all.

It was intended that the occasion would be an informal one and anecdotes were freely voiced of the history of the Society since October 1983. However, the formal aspect was not ignored and Mr Trefor Jones, read an extract from Resolfen Recalled which set out the early history of the Society and noted that at the turn of the Millennium the membership stood at 59 full members. He then took up the story of what had happened in the following 24 years. Firstly he paid tribute to the giants of the Society, in particular Phylip Jones who was the inspiration for its foundation in the first instance. He then pointed out some of the milestones, including memorial tablets to the Three Doctors of Music and to Professor Cliff Darby, who was and adviser to Churchill during the war. Reference was made to dinners, concerts, visits and treasure hunts held by the Society during the years. Reference was also made to the website which had received almost 250,000 visitors since its inception and included a digital modern history of the village via the work of Alun Morgan.

Turning to the more recent past, the Society had survived the pandemic with difficulty, and the road had been arduous in the past few years. However there were signs of recovery in the form of new members on both the committee and in general. Another welcome development had been the new found cooperation with sister organisations in the local area. In an age of instant satisfaction via Google it was important that original scholarship was given a platform in societies such as Cymdeithas Hanes Resolfen.

We now look forward to the 50th celebration!

Trefor Jones

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Northern Lights Dazzle Resolven in Rare Display

Resolven residents were treated to a rare and spectacular display of the Northern Lights over the weekend. This stunning light show, the most intense in two decades, illuminated the night sky with vibrant hues of green, pink, and purple.

Photo’ taken from Vaughan Avenue looking towards the bowling green by @jack_walkaholic

The aurora borealis, typically visible in more northern latitudes, made a surprise appearance in South Wales due to a particularly strong geomagnetic storm. This rare event drew crowds of excited onlookers who braved the chilly night air to witness the celestial spectacle.

The unexpected appearance of the Northern Lights in Resolven serves as a reminder of the beauty and power of nature, and the importance of taking a moment to appreciate the wonders of the night sky.


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Resolven Miners Welfare Restoration

A message from the Secretary for the Resolven Miners Welfare Scheme

🌟Big News from the Resolven Miners Welfare! 🌟

We’re thrilled to share exciting progress on the restoration of our cherished old miners’ welfare building! This heart of our community is poised for a grand revival, promising to once again be a vibrant hub for all.

🛠️Restoration Updates:

Our dedicated trustees are in deep discussions about the building’s future. As insurance issues are being resolved, we are brainstorming potential business collaborations to breathe new life into this historic space. Imagine a revitalized centre buzzing with activities and opportunities!

📢Community Involvement:

We’re setting up a dynamic new volunteer group and eagerly seeking community members to join us. Got ideas or time to contribute? We’d love to hear from you!

🖥️Social Media Revolution:

Stay tuned as we transform our social media into a ‘community hub’. We’re planning a series of engaging posts starting May 13th to keep you informed and involved. Expect heart-warming stories, key updates, and perhaps even sneak peeks into the architectural plans!

🤝Looking Ahead:

Meetings with funding bodies are already on the calendar. We’re committed to ensuring every penny is put to good use restoring the heart of Resolven.

🌈Join Us:

Be part of this exciting journey. Together, we can turn the dream of reopening this historic site into reality. Let’s make history, Resolven! You can access read the full summary of our feasibility study along with viewing some drawings of what we have planned by visiting –

Feel the excitement? Spread the word, and let’s make this project a shining example of what we can achieve together! 

Robert Sims

Secretary for the Resolven MIners Welfare Scheme

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Resolfen History Society May Meeting