Ynysfach Primary School – Big Bocs Bwyd Opening

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Chairman thanks all for money raised at Vigil

Wow what can I say!!! £1196.66 was raised last Saturday at the Ukrainian Vigil in the village. Thanks to all the shops and clubs that sold the ribbons and held raffles and collections. Thanks to the WI for the money raised from their cakes and refreshments. Thanks to the staff and children of Ynysfach School and thanks to the community for once again for supporting the event. I am very proud to live in such a wonderful community like ours. 

Slava Ukraina Slava Resolven 

Neal Francis 

Chair Resolven Community Council #

Images Editor and Hugh Lewis

Bowlers Start Season with Win

Resolven Ladies’ Bowls Club started the season with a good win at home on Monday in the West Glamorgan Evening League.

They were facing a strong team in Coed Gwilym ,but emeged as the victors on both rinks




Meet John Kosschuk

John Kosschuk, speaker at Saturday’s Ukraine Vigil, and wife Ludmilla

Hi, from John Kosschuk   to all in Resolven– Just a quick note about myself and Ukraine.

 I was born in England, my parents were displaced people from Ukraine after the Second World War. I am married to a Ukrainian woman, Ludmilla, and have been for the past 25years.  Back in Ukraine she was a school teacher. We have been living in Tonna for the past 5 years, before we lived in Bournemouth for 20 years.

 I often visit Ukraine to see family and friends, in actual fact I am due to visit Ukraine in June this year, Sometimes I drive across, fly across and used to take Eurolines buses. What is happening in Ukraine is barbaric– looting, rape and murder of innocent civilians. What you hear and see on the news is only the tip of the iceberg. When it all will come out people will be shocked to hear what has happened, and why  the West let it happen.

 At the moment I am collecting money for Ukraine and have set up a link with Poland and Ukraine. All the money I collect goes straight to a bank in Poland. I let my family in Ukraine know that I have sent the money, they ring friends in Poland and tell exactly what is needed. The items are taken across the Polish/Ukrainian border and delivered to a distribution centre in Yavoriv Ukraine about 20Km from the border, then it is taken where it is most needed. At the moment most of the money I raise goes to buy medical supplies for the front.

 Just over £1100 was collected on Saturday at the Resolven Vigil.   WOW.

All 100% goes to Ukraine no admin charges. I wish to thank all the people that have contributed to me, on behalf of all Ukrainians and myself we thank you all. Most of my family and friends are staying to fight in the Ukraine and defend the land against the Russian invasion.

 Wales has strong ties with Ukraine, read the following article I took from Wikipedia, John James Hughes (1814 – 17 June 1889)[1] was a Welsh engineer, businessman and founder of the city of Donetsk. The village was originally named Yuzivka (Hughesivka)

 Reading this, Wales has a bigger claim to Donetsk than Russia. More about John James Hughes can be found on Wikipedia.

Best Regards

 John Kosschuk

Ukraine Cake Stall Thank You

Jen Colley, Resolven WI.

Ukraine Vigil Report

The Vigil on Saturday in Ynysfach School yard, festooned with bunting made by the children, was blessed with a really good turnout.

David Richards who first suggested the Vigil

 Resolven Community Council Chairman Neal Francis spoke first and then introduced the speakers -Lyn Maddocks and the Reverend Jayne Shaw  who both led us in prayer       

Lyn Maddocks
The Rev. Jayne Shaw

 Neath Assembly Member Jeremy Miles also spoke about the efforts being made to help the Ukrainian people.   

Jeremy Miles A M with John Kosschuk

A moving and interesting contribution came from John Kosschuk who lives in Tonna now but still has family in the Ukraine.

John Kosschuk with Neal Francis

All the proceeds from the Vigil will be going to the Ukraine Charity that John runs,

Ynysfach W.I contributed to the fund at the end of the Vigil by selling refreshments in Building Blocks

Audrey Davies and Jen Colley (Pres.)

The atmosphere during the Vigil was sombre and subdued as we were reminded by all the speakers of what ordinary people, just like us, are having to endure in the Ukraine.

At the end, there was a silent moment to reflect on what had been said and then the National Anthem of the Ukraine was played.


Ukraine Vigil Reminder

Following the Vigil Ynysfach WI will be selling tea coffee and cakes in Building Blocks, the proceeds going to Ukrainian fund.

Beetle Drive

Mike points his camera at the sky

We are all so fortunate to be living in the lovely Vale of Neath 

Here we have amazing scenery such as the mountains in all seasons and also stunning skies 

I  think we have the best skies in the uk

When i was walking through the valley, there was a busy woodpecker trying to make his  way home

I was fortunate to see where he was, and he popped his head out, for a photo shoot

That was the icing on the cake, 

Mike Davies RDN photographer

Easter Services Vale of Neath Parish

Vigil in Resolven

With the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine we have set up a committee to arrange a Vigil in support of all in the Ukraine. This committee has been made up of members of the Community Council, the ladies of the Welfare, and local residents. 

Please could as many as possible come along to show their support and it would be great if people could make banners or draw/print Ukrainian flags to bring with them. 

The whole world is showing their support and it would be great if our wonderful local communities could add theirs too.

Also hopefully there will be future fundraising activities to raise further much needed funds


Neal Francis (Chairman Resolven Community Council)

South Wales Adventure Company Opening Soon

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Ynysfach Primary School – Big Bocs Bwyd Community Information

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Twins Celebrate 78th Birthdays

Mike and Pat Davies

Birthday wishes to Pat and Mike Davies, the Abergarwed twins, who were born in the front room of their grandparents’ house there on April 5th 1944.

The twins with their grandfather JJoe

Pat lives in Pontneddfechan and Mike, our R.D.N photographer, lives in Cadoxton.

They telephone each other every evening to see how they are.

They went to Resolven School and were put into different classes, as they were so alike and they even got the same sums wrong in the  maths lessons!

Can you spot the difference?

Skittles Night Bowls Them Over!

Resolven Ladies Bowls hosted a fun skittles evening last night at Resolven AFC club. This successful fundraiser was attended and enjoyed by the ladies and their families and there was a good turnout from the men of the club. With fabulous food and, at times, raucous atmosphere the evening proved to be a great curtain raiser for the exciting season lying ahead for Resolven Bowls.

Skittles Winner Carol Jeffery (Resolven Ladies Bowls)

REPORT BY Maureen Colmer ( R.L.B Captain)