The Vivian Hall next to the Vaughan Arms held dances on its wonderful sprung floor

And the Pavilion with Saturday morning matinees was ‘the’ place for children to go

They showed the latest ‘pictures’ and you went there if you could afford the treat

And if you had enough pennies, you could even enjoy some goodies, from bottom DP’s, to eat

A factory, built in the early 1940’s, to the south west of the village served the local people well

Known as ‘George Kents’ and then ‘Cam Gears’, its walls have so many stories to tell

Then came the final Company to give this ailing factory one last try

But sadly the American initials T R W spelt out TO RESOLVEN WAIVE goodbye

In 1926 Colonel Vaughan, Rheola opened the newly constructed Park, resplendent in an uniform of red ceremonial dress

And gave a box of chocolates to every child of school age, to celebrate its success

He donated the ground to the village, stipulating that it should always remain a Park

So it is a fitting tribute to the Colonel that he created his very own land-mark

In 1932 the bowling green opened its Pavilion along with the tennis courts nearby

But many years passed before ladies and children were welcomed on the green and allowed to give ‘bowls’ a try

In the late 1940s a group of Resolven men dug out a Swimming pool in the park, without an industrial digger in sight

And the result was a lovely painted blue swimming baths which to the children was a great delight

In the 50s and 60s it was enjoyed by many and Mr Caines was one of the caretakers with a key

Sadly it started to be vandalised and was closed about 1973