Half Term Holiday Activity Day

Autumn has arrived

Along the canal in Tonna

It was beautiful down there —10 minutes from where I live.

Autumn is my favourite time of the year

 Autumn has arrived, but in my garden, I’ve waited 18 weeks for my baby sunflowers to bloom.


(Daughter of our RDN photographer Mike Davies)

Funeral Notice for Mr Terry Brock

Funeral Notice for Miss Gwyneth Williams

Cirrus Clouds in Tonna

Cirrus is a genus of high cloud made of ice crystals. Cirrus clouds typically appear delicate and wispy with white strands. Cirrus are usually formed when warm, dry air rises, causing water vapour deposition onto rocky or metallic dust particles at high altitudes.

Information and Photographs by Ruth Charles Davies (Daughter of Mike Davies)

Update on Ynysfach WI

Where River Meets Sky in Vale of Neath

Picture from our RDN photographer Mike Davies

Young Swans in Neath today

Plus swan and duck seen on river

Pictures by Ruth Charles Davies

(Daughter of Mike Davies)

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