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 My great-grandfather is first right in the second row  in the  group picture

I  believe his name was Griffith Waters, he was born in 1874 and died in 1932, he lived at 43 company street along with his wife Susannah Howells ( a native to Resolven) and their 10 kids Mark, Thomas William, Hannah, Lucy, Hedwell, Stanley, Miriam, Agnes and Mary ann., 

He served in the South Wales Borderers However, ended up getting gassed whilst fighting and being pushed back to the Labour Corps, 

I believe I only own the one photograph and now the one you uploaded with him in, however it would be lovely to see if their are any other photographs of him and his family?


EDITOR It would be great if you could help Ashton add to his family story.

—send to us at RDN

Also,, with Remembrance Sunday coming soon, we would like to show any picures you may have of your own family serving in the Armed Forces over the years

Concerned Resident – Clydach Brook Wall

Response from a concerned and worried resident regarding Clydach Brook Retaining Wall

“I can’t believe the destruction the latest storms have brought to parts of the UK in the last couple of weeks. I can’t imagine my home being under feet of dirty water and the devastation it must cause. Which brings me to the subject of this letter.

We have in this village one vital piece of infrastructure that protects about 80% of the houses from the devastation of being flooded and that is the old stone wall in front of what was the Vaughans pub. Quite some time ago there was a meeting held in the Church Hall to tell the people of Resolven that there was to be money spent on flood prevention and they detailed the work that they were going to carry out. This work was to include a new wall outside the houses of Ardwyn Terrace, an extra course of stonework on top of the existing stone wall and lifting the steel structure that forms the railway bridge.

I suggested in that meeting that there was no wall on the other side of the cost cutter store and so this was added to the list of work to be done. That wall was built of a single brick thick and was a couple of months later partly knocked over and had never been replaced.

The old stone wall was made higher, and as for the steel structure, the bolts to hold it in place are still there for all to see but where is the steel.

All this information brings me back to the main subject which is the old stone wall and it’s condition. Anyone with a knowledge of building will tell you that the wall will get weaker with age and that wall has been there a long time. I read an article by Councillor Dean Lewis in which he states that he had been informed that the wall on the roadside is in good condition. I would suggest he goes and look for himself that there are trees growing out of the wall all along it’s length. I can’t imagine the damage the roots are doing. The wall is in a terrible state of repair, look back at the photos on this very site to see the water going down Commercial Road.

We should be doing everything we can to prevent this happening again, the warning signs in the collapse of part of this old structure should not be ignored.

In closing, I would suggest this most important structure be inspected by independent engineers and the results published on this site.”


J R Geary

~ ~ ~ ~

Resolfen History Society November Meeting

Clydach Brook Wall Collapse & Repair

Photo by Hugh Lewis on 28 September 2023


The following two Photographs taken of the cascade and aqueduct before the retaining wall collapse.


On Sunday 24th September 2023, after an autumn storm and heavy rain, the familiar sight and sounds of the free flowing Clydach Brook suffered some alarming damage and was seriously affected by part of the North East retaining wall dislodging and collapsing into the water. It had looked precarious for several months.

These two Photo’s by Hugh Lewis on 28 September 2023

The Aqueduct is quite unique in its construction. Designed by the renowned Victorian Engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and built by George Hennet Bridgewater Ironworks whose name is stamped on the panelled sides on the NE Side.

It is a substantial cast iron structure carrying the Clydach Brook over the Vale of Neath Railway, which was opened in 1851.

It is situated alongside and parallel to the main B4343 Commercial Road through the centre of the village of Resolven. Brunel altered the levels of the waterway and from the road it can be seen that the levels change dramatically producing a cascade which is spectacular when there is a huge torrent of water. Brunel also added in-line rails on the aqueduct, to help with the flow of water which is clearly visible when the water level is low.

The aqueduct was designated as a Grade II listed building in 2003 and ‘CADW’ is involved in its repair and restoration.


Report from Cllr. Dean Lewis on the situation.

“I have been in contact with the Council and their Engineers for quite some time to discuss the poor state of the stonework in the Clydach Brook. It isn’t a Council asset and responsibility did not come under our umbrella/assets. As you may be aware the stonework is graded and as such is protected by Law. CADW were contacted and asked to get involved as progress was slow in protecting the site for future generations.”

“After many, many months of negotiations work was meant to start on Phase 1 of the project by Network Rail and NRW to make the area safe, on the very day contractors turned up the wall had collapsed hours before. Luckily it happened before workers made it to site and nobody was hurt. Phase 2 of the project will see the stonework and walls reinstated and put back to how it was. I haven’t had conformation when Phase 2 will start but I will keep you informed as and when I get the information.”

“I have also been informed after airing my concerns to engineers that the roadside wall is in good condition and no deterioration has occurred.”

Photo by Cllr. Dean Lewis on 28 September 2023

These two photo’s show the pipes diverting the water away from the original water course to enable work to be done.

Photo by Cllr. Dean Lewis on 28 September 2023
These two Photo’s by Hugh Lewis on 10 October 2023
Photo by Anita Morgan on 11 October 2023

It is obvious from the above photographs that there is a vast amount of work to be done to bring this structure back to its former glory.

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Report by H & L Lewis

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Resolfen History Society – October meeting Report

A Report on the October meeting of Resolfen History Society

A small if enthusiastic audience attended this month’s speaker which featured Anne Marie Thomas of Swansea. Mrs Thomas has specialised in the history of Gower and has spoken to the Society on two previous occasions. However, this year’s talk strayed from Wales to England, the Angevin kingdom of what is now most of France , Ireland and Scotland. The fascinating story included the machinations of the de Breos family and King John, ending in the establishment of a permanent settlement in the Magna Carta at Runnymede, in June 1215. Mrs Thomas pointed out that the famous joke about the Magna Carta being signed at the bottom was incorrect , since it was “sealed”, because it is doubtful if the erratic King John was literate at all.

King John has had a bad press, however when Mrs Thomas began researching his character, she found he was far worse than that. He was the youngest in a family of four boys and his three older siblings were killed enabling him to ascend the throne, though he disputed the right to the throne with the son of an elder brother, Arthur of Brittany. This was crucial to the tangled tale told in her book the “Broken Reed”, in which William de Breos fell in and out of favour, and the feudal tangle involved Llewelyn Fawr (the Great) who was in turn married to King John’s daughter.

Mr David Woosnam thanked Mrs Thomas for a fascinating tale, and hoped she would return next year to speak on the subject of the Magna Carta itself.

The next meeting of the Society will be on Monday 13th November at 7:00 when Mr Keith Tucker of Neath will conclude his fascinating talk on the “Images of Neath”.

Trefor Jones

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