Latest Local Covid 19 Restrictions

Press Release from NPT Council

Local restrictions will come into force from 6pm  (Monday 28 September).

The restrictions, which will apply to everyone living in Neath Port Talbot, Vale of Glamorgan and Torfaen are:

  • People will not be allowed to enter or leave these areas without a reasonable excuse, such as travel for work or education;
  • People will only be able to meet people they don’t live with outdoors for the time being. They will not be able to form, or be in, extended households (sometimes known as ‘bubbles’). This means meeting indoors (in people’s houses, in a pub or elsewhere) with anyone you don’t live with is not allowed at the moment unless you have a good reason, such as providing care to a vulnerable person.
  • All licensed premises have to stop serving alcohol at 10pm.
  • Everyone over 11 will be required to wear face coverings in indoor places, which are open to the public, such as shops, as well as on public transport – as is the case in the rest of Wales. (There are some limited exemptions for people with disabilities and medical conditions – these are the same as for public transport).

All the Cake You Can Eat

“All the cake you can eat” was on mouth-watering display outside Resolven Church Hall on Saturday, when Resolven W.I held their cake sale for Macmillan Cancer Support. So tempting were the goodies on sale, that by the time our team from R.D.N arrived on the Square, there wasn’t even a crumb in sight.

Here’s Resolven W.I. President Jen Colley’s report.

“Our cake sale was a great success and we raised £412 for Macmillan Cancer Support – the response from our community was amazing.

As you can imagine there is not much news from WI at the moment as we can’t meet and we can’t go on our trips, but at least we can make cake!

Here’s hoping for better times in the future.”

Jen Colley (President)

Closure of The Resolven Branch of The Royal British Legion

The Constitution of the Royal British Legion is such that if a Branch membership falls to less than seven members it has to close, unfortunately the Resolven Branch has now fallen to just six members and the Constitution further states, that there must be a Committee of seven members. Enquiries have been made to increase the membership but despite these enquiries, no new members were recruited and the Branch has now sadly commenced the procedure for closure and is now dysfunctional.

The outgoing Committee are extremely grateful for the wonderful support they received from both the residents and retail outlets in Resolven and District for donating £7125.93 towards the Poppy Appeal during the eight year tenure of the Branch. In addition, the Branch are also grateful to Father Andrew Davies and other Church members who made a very significant contribution to the Armistice Service each year. Finally the Branch wish to thank the Resolven Rugby and Cricket Club for allowing them to use their Club facilities as the Branch Headquarters.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Obituary Notice of Mr David Davies

~ ~ ~ ~

Temporary Road Closure B4434 (Tonna to Resolven)


B4434 will be closed from the junction of Heol Y Glo, near Tonna Hospital for 1.8 km (1.1mls) to Cyd Terrace, Clyne between the hours of 09:30 and 15:00 on the 17th September 2020.

Access for emergency services will be maintained.

The X7 bus Service will not be able to serve Clyne to Resolven between those times.  There will be a Social Services shuttle bus.

Neath to Glynneath Shuttle.

The X7 now operates hourly, hence, in order to meet all journeys in Resolven the passengers from Clyne will need to be at Resolven 10 minutes early to catch the X7 to Neath and the shuttle bus to Clyne when travelling from Glynneath.

Depart Clyne Station to catch X7 at Resolven for Neath.

09:10, 10:10, 11:10, 12:10, 13:10, 14:10, 15:10

Arrive Resolven (John Street) for travel to Neath on X7 (All passengers alight)

09:19, 10:19, 11:19, 12:19, 13:19, 14:19, 15:19 (the X7 departs for Neath at 29 mins past the hour)

(Empty Positioning Journey)Depart Resolven John Street Depart Resolven (John Street) for travel to Clyne Station.

09:20, 10:20, 11:20, 12:20, 13.20, 14:20, 15:20

Arrive Clyne Station

09:29, 10:29, 11:29, 12:29, 13:29, 14:29, 15:29

Depart Clyne to Catch X7 at Resolven by 40mins past the hour to Glynneath.

09:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30

Arrive Resolven (John Street) to meet X7 at 40 mins past the hour for onward travel to Glynneath

09:39, 10:39, 11:39, 12:39, 13:39, 14:39, 15:39 (the X7 departs for Glynneath at 40 mins past the hour)

Those travelling from Glynneath to Clyne will have to alight at Resolven (John Street) at 29 minutes past the hour and wait 10 minutes for onward journey to Clyne and catch the following shuttle times to Clyne:

Depart Resolven John Street after meeting X7 at 40 mins past the hour for travel to Clyne Station.

09:41, 10:41, 11:41, 12:41, 13.41, 14:41,15:41

Arrive Clyne Station

09:50, 10:50, 11:50, 12:51, 13:50, 14:50 15.50

Shuttle bus Lay over 20 mins in Clyne between 50 mins past the hour and 10 mins past the hour.

Shuttle bus passengers from Clyne will have to wait in Resolven for 10 mins to catch the bus to Neath or Clyne

A simple example is:

The shuttle bus has to leave Clyne to go to Resolven by 9.19am, passengers alight, wait 10 mins at Resolven and catch the 9.29 from Resolven to Neath. Why you might ask? Because the shuttle bus has to leave Resolven to get back to Clyne by 9.30 to collect passengers who might want to go to Glynneath on the 9.40 from Resolven.

Likewise, those travelling from Glynneath to Clyne, there’s a 10 minute wait at Resolven for the shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus will already be waiting for those returning from Neath to Clyne.

~ ~ ~ ~

Resolven W.I Tea


(From Mary Baker in Glynneath)

The coronavirus lockdown was long but it gave my husband Idris and myself, both the time and privilege to be able to sit and watch nature during the 3 months of beautiful weather that we had and which was a welcome distraction from the virus.

From our Bungalow window which faces the mountain, we watch every year to see the first swallows dipping and diving and then we know that Spring is here. It’s amazing to think that these beautiful birds have flown 6,000 miles from wintering in South Africa to the UK. they return to the same nesting site, lay their eggs and nurture their young and then in September, when it gets colder and there are no flies to feed on, they depart with the young for South Africa for the Winter, where they rest and feed on insects to make sure their in tip-top conditions to do the 6,000 mile journey back to the UK in the Spring, to nest and breed again.

Every year a pair of swallows return to a nest up our garden, under the eaves of our garden shed, sadly 2 years ago a magpie ate the young.  My husband Idris put bars across the nest last year to stop the magpie from getting in, leaving enough room for the swallows to get in and out and they had three young. This year because it was hot early in the season, Idris watered the Perspex roof of the shed to keep it cool as the nest is under the roof, apparently swallows mate for life and return to the same nest every year for 3 years! It worked and we had 6 young there this year.


We have spent many an enjoyable hour watching the swallows carrying food back and forth to feed their young, all 6 of them, there was hardly enough room in the nest for them all, we watched the first one feeling his wings and flying across to the shelf on the wall opposite their nest and then the other 5 following, and then a few days later all 6 young flying around the garden with their parents, so May and June kept us occupied.

 Now that September is here the butterflies have arrived in droves, we have 4 pots with what we call a butterfly plant in each of them and each one is covered in butterflies and bees, they are beautiful, so pretty.

 Both my husband and myself are in our 80’s and didn’t venture out during lockdown but nature was all around us and the weather was beautiful right through lock-down which gave us the privilege of being able to sit outside amongst nature, unlike many past years in March and April and even May when we’ve had floods in May and June and even snow in April.  It could have been far worse, this lockdown


Many thanks to Mary for a delightful glimpse of nature at its best in the garden she and husband Idris tend and enjoy during these difficult tmes for all of us.

If anyone has pictures and stories to tell of their gardens or walks in our valley please send them to us-we’d be delighted to receive them at:

Covid 19 Advice Poster

Thieves Target Local Churchyard

Photo Hugh Lewis

Colin Lewis of Melincourt has been in touch with us to report that heartless thieves have been at work in the churchyard of Melincwrt Capel.

Situated on the mountain above the village, it’s a place held dear by many in the community whose loved ones lie buried there, so what Colin saw on a walk past there this week sickened him

“I noticed the side gates were open, so I went in and saw that all the flagstones and steps on the path there had been removed and a small gravestone, like one for a child, had been propped up as if it was ready to be taken.  I call that desecration.

 Even stones from the drystone walls have been taken too. Absolutely disgraceful!  Very distressing for people who visit family graves there. The thieves are robbing the dead and I hope they will soon be found and punished”


Photo Hugh Lewis

Report on the funeral of Mr Philip Stroud

On Friday 4th September, 2020, the funeral of the late Mr Philip Stroud was held in Resolven.

Philip, who was born and raised in the village was a well known popular character who was widely respected by all. He is a true native of the village having lived all of his life in the area.

On leaving school at a young age, he obtained an Apprenticeship at the Metal Box Company in Neath where he met his future wife Sally.

He left the Metal Box when he was called up for National Service and joined the section of the REME (The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) which maintain equipment for the Army.

After the two years, he returned to the Metal Box Co where he spent all of his working life, retiring after completing 46 years with the same company.

~ ~ ~

He was a valued committee member of the Resolven Branch of The Royal British Legion responsible for visiting sick ex-service personnel.

The funeral procession was lead by Pastor David Morgan and Nick Maggs followed by Resolven Branch, Royal British Legion standard bearer, Ashlea Philbrick.
The hearse was flanked by Resolven RFC members.

Philip was also a very active member of the Resolven RFC being the first Captain of the Resolven RFC Youth and later on also Captained the Resolven RFC First side.


~ ~ ~

Philip and Sally made their marital home in Resolven and brought up four children, David, Stephen, Sally-Ann and Elizabeth, who all live in Resolven with their families.   Sadly Philip lost his devoted wife Sally in 2005.

We send our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of the late Mr Philip Stroud.

~ ~ ~ ~

Canal Tidyup Group

 I am in a group called Ty Banc Canal Group which was formed over a year ago. Our aim is to improve the canal and towpath for the community to enjoy and at the moment we are working on the section between Abergarwed and the Aqueduct over the River Neath.  We have exposed a stone bridge which was hidden by ivy and weeds and is next to a hidden lock


To make an impact we need more willing volunteers to come forward even for 2 or 3 hours a week whatever suits peoples ability.

We are intending to make this a regular thing and it will be nice to meet people (COVID distancing) and doing a bit of work.

 Look us up on Facebook —-Ty Banc Canal Group.  We meet on Saturdays about 10 am at the Canal View Café.

From  Rabbie and Jacqueline Coulter

Congratulations to Ynysfach Primary School

Ynysfach Primary School posted the following Tweet :

“We are so pleased to announce that we have achieved the Gold Right’s Respecting Award at Ynysfach. Our Rights Respecting councillors have worked so hard in helping us achieve this. It has had such a positive impact on our school life.”

Well done and congratulations Ynysfach Primary School from the

RDN Team

~ ~ ~ ~

September Sunrise in Vale of Neath

Our RDN photographer, Mike Davies, captured this lovely image for us as the sun rose over the Vale of Neath this morning.