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Funeral Notice for Mrs Barbara Sims

Resolfen History Society December Meeting

Remembrance Sunday Services at Resolven & Clyne

The 2021 Annual Remembrance Service at Resolven on the 14 November began in St David’s Church Hall at 10.30am with a restricted number in the congregation and continued at the adjacent Resolven Cenotaph immediately afterwards. As the Resolven Branch of the Royal British Legion was no longer in existence, the Resolven Community Council have this year, with the help of David Richards taken over the responsibility for organising the event which the Resolven CC have pledged that they will continue to do.

Following the Church Hall Service the congregation moved outside in the bright sunshine to join a large crowd for the Service which was conducted by Moira Randall, the former Church Warden of St David’s Church, Resolven and the Flag Bearer was Martin Evans.

Moira Randall

Mr Conway Gillard recited part of the Poem ‘For The Fallen’ written by Laurence Binyon

The large crowd bowed their heads as Karen played the ‘Last Post’ and Martin lowered the Union Jack and the two minute silence was observed, after which Karen sounded the ‘Reveille’

Wreaths were laid on the War Memorial by representatives of the following local organisations and clubs – Resolven Community Council, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, Leah Thomas, Catherine(Glynneath), Ynysfach School, St David’s Church, Sardis Baptist Church, Ynysfach WI, Resolven Cubs, Resolven Rugby & Cricket Club, Resolven Football Club, Resolven Miners Welfare, Resolven Bowls Club, TRW Cam Gears BC & Fire & Rescue Service.

The names of all the Fallen etched on the Resolven War Memorial were read out by four pupils of Ynysfach School.

Moira Randall led the gathering in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and a Welsh hymn was sung.

The Welsh National Anthem and ‘God Save The Queen’ were sung before Moira Randall closed the Remembrance Service with the Benediction.

~ ~ ~

Ms Karen Partridge has been the Resolven Remembrance Service bugler for over 40 years and has often travelled from Cardiff to play a part in this annual ceremony and this year was no exception.

Mr David Richards informed the gathering of Ms Karen Partridge’s loyalty to the Resolven Remembrance Service and thanked her sincerely for her service and excellent bugle playing. Gillian Frances thanked Moira Randall for taking the Resolven Service this year after which Gillian, Moira, David, Karen and Martin travelled to Clyne War Memorial for a Service starting at 12 midday.


Resolven Report and Photographs by Hugh & Lorna Lewis

~ ~ ~ ~



A small group gathered at the Clyne Memorial, due to the pandemic, to pray for those who lost their lives so that we could live.

Flag bearer Martin Evans at Clyne War Memorial

Ms Karen Partridge played the ‘Last Post’ standing next to Moira Randall, who took the service, and Clyne Community Councillor Gillian Frances

NPTCBC Cllr Dean Lewis shown after laying a wreath at the War Memorial

Mr David Richards with a floral tribute in front of the Clyne War Memorial with Martin Evans, Flag Bearer alongside.


Clyne Report and Photographs by Mike Davies

~ ~ ~ ~

Temporary Road Closure

Resolven COVID-19 Plaque Dedication Service

On a typical damp and drizzly Autumn morning on the 13th November at 11.00am, the community of Resolven came together for a special dedication to all those who are no longer with us due to the ‘Covid’ Pandemic.

This Pandemic, in the face of adversity, has been described by many as a Silent ‘War’ against humanity with an invisible/invasive enemy that can still strike at any time, at any age and wherever you may be in the world of today.

This Dedication Plaque was commissioned by the Resolven CC and the Service organised by the members of the RCC and credit must go to the Councillors for bringing this event to Resolven.

Cllr Neal Francis, Chair of the Community Council wrote in his statement:-

“We are also mindful that Covid has not gone away and there may be more sadness following the dedication, so this Memorial is for all those in the past, present and future who have succumbed to this dreadful disease”

The Service of Dedication was taken by two well known and respected members of the Community Pastor Lyn Maddocks and Pastor David Morgan.

Also in attendance were Cllr Trefor Jones, Vice Chair of Resolven Community Council and Mrs Joy Francis, wife of Cllr Neal Francis, Chair of RCC, who was unfortunately unable to attend due to the Covid Virus.

Pastor David Morgan made a short introduction for the reason of the dedication and then Pastor Lyn Maddocks led the singing of “Abide With me” and then gave an interesting and informative explanation of how religion played a part in the special meaning of the hymn which was written 200 years ago.

 ~ ~

Mrs Joy Francis, on behalf of her husband Neal expressed her thanks to “Dolly Bachs” for placing the red and white floral wreath on the Plaque.

She then read the following emotional poem written by an anonymous writer, If Tears Could Build a Stairway

Cllr Trefor Jones read out a short prayer in Welsh – ‘Peidiwch ag Ofni’

Pastor David Morgan stepped forward to give a reading from the Bible and emphasised that faith is a major factor for bringing comfort to all those affected by the different problems and difficulties in today’s society.

The public were then invited, by Pastor Lyn Maddocks, to lay wreaths and flowers on the dedicated plaque before singing the hymn, Amazing Grace, and finally ending with the Benediction.

An announcement was made to invite all those present to the Community Centre for light refreshments and reflection.

~ ~ ~ ~

Drainage Works in John Street

Resolven Welfare Hall Restaurant

The Resolven Miners Welfare Hall has been the beating heart of the village since the 1920’s. The lights in the Hall were nearly extinguished  but now they are burning bright again through the efforts of a dedicated and determined group of people.

  You may not be able to see a film there any more, borrow a book from the library or applaud the Resolven Operatic Society, but through their latest efforts you now can dine in style in The Drift, their recently opened restaurant.

Remembrance Sunday Services



Attendance at the Service in the Church Hall which commences at 10.30a.m. is restricted to 35 people, due to present circumstances.

Followed by a Service at the Resolven War Memorial at 11.00a.m.

The Service of Remembrance for the Fallen will be held at Clyne War Memorial at 12.00 Noon

Clyne War Memorial

~ ~ ~ ~

Notice – Dedication Service in Memory of all those in our Community Lost to Covid-19

There will be a Dedication Service held at the Resolven Square at 11.00 a.m. Saturday, 13 November 2021

~ ~ ~ ~

X5 Bus Timetable

A Report on the November Meeting of The Resolven History Society

Both Halloween and Guy Fawkes night have come and gone in a certain lack lustre fashion this year. the dismal , dark nights and the lingering half-life of the Covid- 19 pandemic have made people reluctant to leave their homes at night and must account for the tiny audience who arrived at the Church hall to hear this month’s speaker Ann Marie Thomas of Swansea.

Before starting her talk on “Alina , the white lady of Oystermouth Castle”, she gave a synopsis on how she had become an author of several books on the history of Swansea and the Gower. A stroke had left her bed ridden and hospitalised and made her begin writing, firstly a book of poetry and then followed by books surrounding the fascinating history of medieval Swansea and the Gower. The main thrust of the story surrounded the de Breos family that had accompanied the invasion of the British Isles by the Normans in 1066. The thirteenth century story of Alina de Breos involved , the weak Edward the Second and his lover Hugh de Despenser , who killed the Welsh Chieftain Llewelyn Bren. This formed a phalanx of intrigue between Welsh, English and Norman in the area which contained intrigue and bloody battles. Indeed Garngoch near Gorseinon is so called owing to the name referring to the hilts of blood following a battle when the Welsh defeated the Normans. Alina was called the “white lady”, because she was reputed to haunt Oystermouth castle after her death. The castle itself has been subject to significant restoration in recent years with the décor being restored to its former glory. Several place names remain in Swansea commemorating the de Breos family, including Parc de Breos, a former hunting lodge.

Mr Trefor Jones, thanked Mrs Thomas for her fascinating talk.

The next meeting of the Society will be held on Monday 13th December. It is titled a Members’ night , not because only members will be present, but that they will give the content of the meeting including a historical quiz. The Society will then take a break in order for the dark nights to pass and hopefully persuade our supporters out to the meetings once again, in March.

Trefor Jones.

~ ~ ~ ~

Old Abergarwed

I came across these iconic images in my Library of Abergarwed recently.  They  were given to me by a photographer  a few years ago,.

 The images were in a different format. They were all dark and its been very interesting to see what was on them when I managed to bring the images back to life,

They include the coal works at Abergarwed, a house going down due to heavy rain, (their dog barked and saved the family.). and also the flooding in Abergarwed due to stormy weather ( captured  by Mother).

Abergarwed sceeens
Resolven Abergarwed Screens

Abergarwed Landslide
Resolven Abergarwed Train and Crew

Perhaps readers may give us more information?

 Mike Davies 

Funeral Notice for Mr William John Gooding