Report on the funeral of Mr Philip Stroud

On Friday 4th September, 2020, the funeral of the late Mr Philip Stroud was held in Resolven.

Philip, who was born and raised in the village was a well known popular character who was widely respected by all. He is a true native of the village having lived all of his life in the area.

On leaving school at a young age, he obtained an Apprenticeship at the Metal Box Company in Neath where he met his future wife Sally.

He left the Metal Box when he was called up for National Service and joined the section of the REME (The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) which maintain equipment for the Army.

After the two years, he returned to the Metal Box Co where he spent all of his working life, retiring after completing 46 years with the same company.

~ ~ ~

He was a valued committee member of the Resolven Branch of The Royal British Legion responsible for visiting sick ex-service personnel.

The funeral procession was lead by Pastor David Morgan and Nick Maggs followed by Resolven Branch, Royal British Legion standard bearer, Ashlea Philbrick.
The hearse was flanked by Resolven RFC members.

Philip was also a very active member of the Resolven RFC being the first Captain of the Resolven RFC Youth and later on also Captained the Resolven RFC First side.


~ ~ ~

Philip and Sally made their marital home in Resolven and brought up four children, David, Stephen, Sally-Ann and Elizabeth, who all live in Resolven with their families.   Sadly Philip lost his devoted wife Sally in 2005.

We send our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of the late Mr Philip Stroud.

~ ~ ~ ~