Thieves Target Local Churchyard

Photo Hugh Lewis

Colin Lewis of Melincourt has been in touch with us to report that heartless thieves have been at work in the churchyard of Melincwrt Capel.

Situated on the mountain above the village, it’s a place held dear by many in the community whose loved ones lie buried there, so what Colin saw on a walk past there this week sickened him

“I noticed the side gates were open, so I went in and saw that all the flagstones and steps on the path there had been removed and a small gravestone, like one for a child, had been propped up as if it was ready to be taken.  I call that desecration.

 Even stones from the drystone walls have been taken too. Absolutely disgraceful!  Very distressing for people who visit family graves there. The thieves are robbing the dead and I hope they will soon be found and punished”


Photo Hugh Lewis