Who Won the Duck Race?

Over the last few weeks, with Huw’s help I have been preparing for the Duck Race. Huw had ordered the nets and the ducks whilst Sian, Huw, and myself had made various site visits to choose the most suitable, accessible and safest course with the ultimate aim not to lose any ducks. So, with a risk assessment in place and adequate barriers set up to prevent the little yellow ducks from joining last year’s 70 escapees we were ready to go. Also, I was keen not to add to the world’s plastic pollution.

I had planned to run 8 heats (50 ducks in each) with the first 4 going into the final. This also made it more of an event to watch but also easier behind the winning line to capture the ducks. With all the heats over and all ducks accounted for it was ready for the final. As soon as all 20 ducks entered the water they sped to the finishing line, each duck now knowing the pitfalls along the way. It was a closely fought race with the first 3 ducks hot on each other’s tails as they raced toward the winning line. There was no need for a photo finish as each duck won by a beak.






The result:   First 273, Second 63, Third 294

The five of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves that afternoon, Amber too and with most of the money in we have raised over £300 for Church funds. Thank you to all who helped – producing the tickets and posters, everyone who sold the ducks, to all who bought a duck and to Huw, Chris, Tracey and Sian for helping on the day.

Ruth Jones (Report)

Ruth and daughter Sian (photos)