Sunflowers at Rhossili Bay from Mike Davies

I thought readers might like to see these images. I had known about the fields of sunflowers at Rhossili Bay, and as the days and weather are changing I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about, The flowers were starting to go over but nevertheless a superb sight to behold,

I tried different aspects of photographing them which I found to be quite a challenge as I wanted the iconic Worms Head in the distance,

It’s actually quite rare to see so many sunflowers in Wales. The Royal Horticultural Society has explained that countries with ‘long hot summers’ are better suited to them.  There are around 400.000 flowers

The ‘golden field’, as it has been called by the National Trust, has brightened up an already picturesque spot with Rhossili beach being known all around the world for its natural beauty.

Mike Davies RDN photographer