Flag Raising Ceremony at Resolven Community Centre

Resolven Community Council held a Flag Raising Ceremony at the Community Centre to observe and honour Merchant Navy Day.


Chairman of Resolven Community Council Aylwin Jones was joined by deputy chairman Alun Morgan, past Chairman Trefor Jones, Clerk to the Council Cheryl Payne and the Rev. Fortunato Santos from Sardis Baptist Church.

Chairman Aylwin Jones began the Ceremony with the following words:

“The 3rd of September 1939 marked the outbreak of the Second World War.  However, not everyone is aware that it also marks the first major British maritime tragedy..  The SS Athenia was torpedoed just hours after war was declared, with the loss of 128 passengers and crew.  During the following years, hundreds of merchant ships and thousands of seafarers suffered the same fate.  The 3rd of September has been enshrined as Merchant Navy Day to honour the men and women who kept our nation afloat during both World Wars.

I would like us to stand together for a minutes silence to remember the fallen heroes”

The Rev .Fortunato Santos then brought the ceremony to an end with a moving prayer.