Special Celebration ‘Birthday Bash’ and Thanks

Our RDN Editor, Anita Morgan was instrumental in beginning this village website.

She has played many parts in the past during her time at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, then on television, including a live broadcast of “How Green Was My Valley”, and many varied roles during her Grand Theatre Repertory Seasons in Swansea.

How Green Was My Valley B.B.C Wales T.V. 1960 – Anita was Ceinwen in white smock next to schoolmaster
The Maid of Cefn Ydfa Grand Theatre Swansea with Jonathan Prince

She was the first voice on the new B.B.C Radio Wales Station in 1978 presenting the early morning A.M. programme and in 1986 she was the first winner of a Sony Radio Gold Award for Radio Wales with “Goodbye Village School”

~ ~ ~

Keeping up her record of being “in at the start”, she gathered together the first group of ladies to form Resolven Ladies Bowls Club in 1986. So when it was a very special birthday for her recently, the fact that she was determined to keep it as quiet as possible, did not deter friends and family from organising certain events. One such surprise party was organised by Natasha Williams and her Mum, Janine and was held at the highly decorated Community Hall/Bowls Pavilion.

“Shall I cut the cake?”

Although not having played bowls for the Resolven Ladies this year, Anita could not resist the call of the bowling green, showing that bowls is a sport for any age. She had not lost any expert aspects of her delivery action.

~ ~ ~

The Resolven Ladies Bowls Club had also organised a special celebration lunch, (Anita called it a “Birthday Bash”) at ‘The Drift’, The Welfare a couple of days later. The following photographs show the ladies who attended.

When asked Anita said

“I kept saying that I didn’t want to be 90 for months before the BIG DAY.  But what a  wonderful Birthday Bash  all you friends and family have given me.

Thank you from the bottom of my 90 year old heart”

On behalf of all who know Anita, we send you our congratulations on becoming a nonagenarian.

Best Wishes from the Team

~ ~ ~ ~