Purple Heron- a Rare Photo

The bird, one of the rarest in the UK, breeds in southern Europe.  I spotted this unusual coloured heron on the banks of the canal at Cadoxton, Neath, on a frosty morning.  At the time, I did not think of the colour difference between the grey and the purple as the sun was pretty strong, and I was concentrating on capturing the heron on camera, which was difficult to do.  As I moved, so did the heron!  Apparently It only visits Britain in small numbers each year.  I have photographed the grey heron over many years, as they were nesting on Cadoxton Mountain—that was well before the trees had to come down,



It’s exciting for people who want to catch a look at this rare bird.  RDN readers keep your eyes out for them.  You may spot him/her on on the Resolven Canal

If so, please let us know.

Mike Davies RDN photographer