Lord Elis-Thomas Visits Miners’ Welfare Hall Resolven



Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Minister of Culture, Media and Sport for Wales (seen right in photo above) visited Resolven Miners’ Welfare Hall on Wednesday, September 12th.  He was accompanied by Mr Phillip Abraham who represents Visit Wales, a tourism organisation that promotes Wales as a tourist destination across the world. The meeting was arranged by Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales West, Mrs Bethan Sayed. During his visit we were able to open a dialogue to ascertain funding streams and what the government can do to aid us in our plans to firstly keep the building open for the community to use, as well as long term funding for the charities plans for restoration

The minister was taken on a full tour of the building and he was very impressed with what he saw. Gaining support from ministers like Lord Elis-Thomas drives the charities passion and dedication to the restoration project they have planned. It also allows the charity to add further backing to funding applications they wish to submit.

Over the next few weeks, if they haven’t received them already, residents will be getting a newsletter and donation pack through their doors, delivered by Resolven Scouts. Donations will allow the charity to continue to invest in the repair jobs that are so desperately needed to allow the building to remain open whilst the trustees continue their hard work in the background, gaining support and funds for the project to develop.

If anyone would like to donate online then we have a Local Giving website – www.localgiving.org/charity/resolvenwelfare OR our own website www.resolvenwelfare.co.uk  If anyone would like further information on the restoration project or how they can help, please email info@resolvenwelfare.co.uk

ROBET SIMS (Trustee)