A new look perimeter for the Park

The old fencing around the Resolven park is being treated to a much needed new coat of green paint and it is all due to the efforts and energy of Community Councillor Aylwin Jones and his wife Fran. They have been working tirelessly painting the fence for the past few months, but of course they have had to wait for days of dry weather without Resolven rain.

Resolven is indeed fortunate that we have a Councillor and his wife who are willing to give of their time serving their local community.

Fran and Aylwin during a very quick photo’ break

This project for Aylwin and Fran has been a ‘mammoth’ task, in terms of figures, there are over 2900 vertical rails and posts, and two horizontal bars along the full length of over 400 metres (approximately a quarter of a mile).

Up to today, 21st June 2021, the whole of the rear of John Street, Cross Street and two thirds of Vaughan Avenue have been completed. They also intend painting all the entrance gates in a contrasting shade of green.

This is an extraordinary achievement that they can be very proud of.


Before painting the fence, here is Aylwin strimming the grass edging


Our thanks to Aylwin and Fran for a job that is being well done, it’s a definite improvement to the park.

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