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 My great-grandfather is first right in the second row  in the  group picture

I  believe his name was Griffith Waters, he was born in 1874 and died in 1932, he lived at 43 company street along with his wife Susannah Howells ( a native to Resolven) and their 10 kids Mark, Thomas William, Hannah, Lucy, Hedwell, Stanley, Miriam, Agnes and Mary ann., 

He served in the South Wales Borderers However, ended up getting gassed whilst fighting and being pushed back to the Labour Corps, 

I believe I only own the one photograph and now the one you uploaded with him in, however it would be lovely to see if their are any other photographs of him and his family?


EDITOR It would be great if you could help Ashton add to his family story.

—send to us at RDN

Also,, with Remembrance Sunday coming soon, we would like to show any picures you may have of your own family serving in the Armed Forces over the years