Zip Down to Colliery Surface

Within 15 miles of the village of Resolven was the oldest continuously working deep-coal mine in the United Kingdom, and possibly the World, until its closure in 2008. Of course this was the well known Tower Colliery, situated along side the A4061 Rhigos to Treherbert road which is now being rejuvenated from a Colliery site to a Zip ride.

This photograph of the former Tower {No.4 Shaft} Colliery Surface and the restored Ffyndaff Opencast Site was taken recently.

There are now interesting developments at the Colliery Surface buildings, over Llyn Fawr reservoir and above to Craig y Llyn escarpment, by the exciting Zip World company.

View looking South West from Tower Colliery surface
Similar view as the previous photograph

Craig y Llyn mountain is the highest point in the traditional county of Glamorgan and Zip World Tower starting point is on Craig y Llyn mountain.

When open (expected in late April), Zip World Tower will provide thrill seekers with two new experiences in the form of Zip World Phoenix and Big Red. ZW Phoenix will be the world’s fastest seated zip line with four parallel lines in two separate zip zones and Big Red will allow children to ride alongside one another on a 270ft line, making it the largest mobile zip in the world.

View of Llyn Fawr etc. from the Treherbert Road View Point

Partial view showing Zip Wire Start looking North East towards Tower Surface and the Brecon Beacons

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At Tower there will be a side-by-side industrial-style toboggan rollercoaster called the Tower Coaster which is to open later.

Showing the Tower Coaster {Not Yet Completed}

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Sean Taylor, founder and President of Zip World states on the Zip World website :-  “…..Wales is home to some of the world’s best outdoor adventure destinations. …………as a passionate Welshman, I couldn’t think of a better location than the South Wales Valleys to create a new legacy and grow our brand outside North Wales for the first time.”

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Photographs and Presentation by Hugh Lewis