What species of birds visit your garden?


 MIKE DAVIES           I am very fortunate to have a garden on the edge of a field in which I get a variety of birds visit the feeders.  The changing seasons will bring in different species, although Blue Tits and the like will visit all year, and often build a nest in the bird box, and I have been blessed to see the youngsters fledge.



 I always keep a look out to see if “Woody” will return, as he has been visiting for many years.  Woodpeckers  can live up to 11 years, but later in the year they will bring their youngsters here to feed, and it is often the youngsters that will visit throughout the year,


Anoher species I love are the long-tailed tits they tend to arrive like a group of locusts.   They feed on/off throughout the day.  They are  pretty birds.


I have to watch out for the Sparrowhawk–a small bird of prey.  adapted for hunting birds in confined spaces like dense woodland, so gardens are an ideal hunting ground for them especially if there youngsters ready to fledge the nest. I happened to look out one morning and there he was on top of the shed waiting for the opportunity to attack. After taking this picture he was soon off.







Starlings are in decline, I used to have many over the years, but the last 2 years nothing then the other  afternoon I heard a commotion in the garden and to my surprise there were many starlings with their young.On route to their nesting place, the young were needing food and what better stop- over for 2 days than in my garden?

Here is the result of that afternoon, as you can see the parent bird was reluctant to feed the youngster till he/she settled down.

I am sure RDN readers would be delighted to see the birds in YOUR  garden.  Why not send them to us/

Here is the short but interesting video of the starlings in action in my garden!  Click on link below


MIKE DAVIES (story and pictures)