Ukraine Vigil Report

The Vigil on Saturday in Ynysfach School yard, festooned with bunting made by the children, was blessed with a really good turnout.

David Richards who first suggested the Vigil

 Resolven Community Council Chairman Neal Francis spoke first and then introduced the speakers -Lyn Maddocks and the Reverend Jayne Shaw  who both led us in prayer       

Lyn Maddocks
The Rev. Jayne Shaw

 Neath Assembly Member Jeremy Miles also spoke about the efforts being made to help the Ukrainian people.   

Jeremy Miles A M with John Kosschuk

A moving and interesting contribution came from John Kosschuk who lives in Tonna now but still has family in the Ukraine.

John Kosschuk with Neal Francis

All the proceeds from the Vigil will be going to the Ukraine Charity that John runs,

Ynysfach W.I contributed to the fund at the end of the Vigil by selling refreshments in Building Blocks

Audrey Davies and Jen Colley (Pres.)

The atmosphere during the Vigil was sombre and subdued as we were reminded by all the speakers of what ordinary people, just like us, are having to endure in the Ukraine.

At the end, there was a silent moment to reflect on what had been said and then the National Anthem of the Ukraine was played.