Two Golden Wedding Couples in Resolven

With all the doom and gloom of the coronavirus disrupting our normal lives we must remember not to forget important celebrations. Saturday 28th March was the Golden Wedding of two couples living in the village and even with isolation issues and distancing there was still room for family and friends to congratulate and celebrate the milestone event.


Gareth and Carol Williams of Wellfield Avenue Melincourt who were married in St. David’s Church 50 years ago by Vicar Lewis and held their wedding reception in the Miners Welfare Hall.




Gareth and Carol and their 3 children Matthew, Nia, and Emily and their 3 grandchildren  Molly, Evie and Lillia all live locally and even   though they couldn’t be all together yesterday in person due to the isolation situation the family joined together in a virtual party online to celebrate and had a fantastic time and were in fine cheer .


The second couple to our story are John and Maureen Fryer of Rheola Avenue. John and Maureen met on holidays in Spain over 50 years ago and Maureen moved from Pontefract in Yorkshire to Resolven to be with John. They got married in Pontefract at Maureen’s family church before moving to settle in Resolven where they still live with John’s sister Anne.





They have 2 children Christopher and Michelle, and grandchildren Brad, Taya, Jake and Maisie

Isolation didn’t stop the congratulations  as all it took was a  bit of imagination to congratulate and celebrate the event with their family and neighbours cheering  them from a safe distance when they came into the garden singing happy anniversary, with some even putting flags out,  and making them smile .

Congratulations to both couples from all their friends in Resolven

Report by Diane Sims