The Queen’s Jubilee-Information

The year 2022 sees Her Majesty The Queen become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne.

There will be year-long celebrations as communities and people come together to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s historic reign.

Communities across Neath Port Talbot are encouraged to take part in the celebrations by hosting events to mark this momentous occasion.

There is more information on the Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan’s website. 

The Queen’s Green Canopy

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

Local Events and Street Parties

There are lots of jubilee events planned in Neath Port Talbot

Event organisers are advised that ‘road closed’ signs, diversion signs, cones and barriers plus a Traffic Management Plan are required for an official road closure notice to be approved by the Council. A specialist traffic management company must be used to produce the plan and supply the signage, cones, barriers etc. in accordance with the current highway regulations. However, the company should not charge organisers a “Submission of Application & Legal Fees to Neath Port Talbot Council” as we do not charge for processing this type of event road closure.

The following Platinum Jubilee Guidance Notes – Street Party Road Closure Requests

!No main roads will be allowed to close

Are you planning a Street Party for the Platinum Jubilee? Are you planning a Road Closure for your event? Do you realise that you need permission from the Council for any road closures? If so, we need to inform you in advance that there will be costs associated with your road closure. You will need insurance to cover yourselves and those attending, as well as authorised traffic management. With this in mind, have you considered hosting the event elsewhere – e.g. gardens of the street’s residents, another enclosed outdoor space or even a local community centre, church or village hall?

information and documentation needs to be submitted by 1st April 2022 at the latest

  1. Event Registration Form needs to be completed and returned – this can be obtained from
  2. Highways require a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice for road closure requests. If the date, time or location of the road closure requested changes, the notice period will have to start again.
  3. A Traffic Management Plan needs to be produced by a competent traffic management contractor and will need to be submitted to Special Events for circulation to Highways by the 1st April 2022 at the latest. The contractor needs to provide proof of a Street Works Licence (supervisor and operatives) to show that they are competent under the New Roads and Street works (NRSW) Act 1991. A simple plan from the traffic management company supplying the signs is needed in order to show that they will be located correctly on the highway at the closure point. Organisers will need at least two road closure signs, a certain number of cones at a set spacing and only the traffic management company can advise on this. The plan is required in order to ensure the road closure will conform to the regulations.  In summary, a specialist traffic management company must be used to produce the plan and supply the signage, cones, barriers etc.
  4. Diversion and Road Closure Signage etc. will need to be supplied and installed by a competent traffic management contractor (as above). Organisers will need to supply confirmation from the company of what signage they will be supplying by the 1st April 2022 at the latest.
  5. Public Liability Insurance Certificate – A Public Liability Insurance Certificate is an essential requirement and the Authority stipulates a minimum cover level of £5m. You be able to apply for funding to cover this cost – Platinum Jubilee Funding

The following information will need to be supplied by the 13th May 2022

  1. Confirmation of First Aid Cover – The Purple Guide for First Aid states that no event should have less than 2 first aiders and the authority follow this principle for all event applications. If cover is being provided by individuals, we will need to see their qualification certificates.  If being provided by a company such as St Johns, we will need confirmation of the level of cover they will be providing. 
  2. Covid 19 Risk Assessments – whilst we do not know whether these will be required for the time of the Jubilee, organisers are advised to view the guidance on the Welsh Government website. You can also visit the MIA page which contains Risk Assessment template.