The Gittins Family Meet Chirpy


Idris and I like to have a quiet cup of tea on our Patio in the front of our Bungalow when the weather is nice, which has been often during this beautiful Summer but that all changed about 4 weeks ago when Chirpy, as we call him, decided to join us. As soon as we put the mugs on the table and the chairs in place it’s not very long before he joins us. The first time he came, he flew on to the wall by the side of us and sat there chirping away and looking straight at us and cocking his head to one side.  That has now progressed to him eating meal worms out of Idris’s hand. It started with Idris  putting meal worms on the wall besides us which is within touching distance from our chairs and then he encouraged him to eat meal worms off his hand. Soon when we opened our back door the bird was on the floor waiting in our back yard right outside the door or on a chair in our back yard.

Idris was up our back garden today and I was sitting on my chair when I could hear him chirping on the top of the back of my seat, he was sitting right by my ear, I had  my camera and got up and took a photo of him and he didn’t move,I sat back down and went to reach for my mug of tea but the bird got there first and was sitting right next to my mug.  We have a hedge on the front patio and as soon as we come out now and sit down, Idris whistles and he flies out of the hedge to join us, this is about 3 times a day, we call him Chirpy because when we talk to him,he stares at us and starts chirping, Robins do sing but we haven’t heard him sing. He never ceases to amaze us, Idris put a meal worm  on his nose today and our little friend quickly swooped and took it, unfortunately,I missed that shot my i phone was indoors.

 He was quite a scruffy,  thin little Robin when he first came but now he’s quite rounded and looks healthy. He’s given us lots of pleasure this last month, I hope he’ll stay for the Winter

FROM Mary and Idris Gittins (and Chirpy)