Royal Wedding Celebrated in Style in Resolven Welfare

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and his bride Meghan was celebrated at the Miners’ Welfare, Resolven.

The ladies arrived from 10am onwards to watch the build- up to the big day and examine the outfits worn by not only the royal family but by the many celebrities and friends who attended.  There were smiles when the groom and his brother arrived and awes when the bride arrived with her entourage of young pages and flower girls. Everyone agreed the day was memorable and enjoyable for all the right reasons and toasted the bride and groom wishing them every happiness.









There was a cold lunch served prepared for the ladies who

were waited on by Diane Sims and Joshua Sims who

excelled in his first role as waiter for the day.















The youngest who attended was Roxy Clarke who was fascinated by the princesses but was more excited about the cakes that came with the lunch provided.