Resolven Mother and Daughter Meet in Bowls Final

The last tournament game of the season for Resolven Ladies’ Bowls Club turned out to be a  spellbinding one.   Carwen Thomas faced her daughter Ceri Holmes in the Four Woods Final in an attempt to become Club Champion for the first time. Carwen was a founder member of the club in 1986.and she became treasurer in 2002 , then secretary/treasurer in 2008.  But the coveted title of club champion has eluded her. It was left to daughter Ceri, who only began playing in 2016 to walk off with the trophy for the first time last year. Since Carwen, Ceri and family all live in the same house, interestingly, whoever won this year the trophy would “stay put” in Glynneath Road, Resolven!  But who would have the honour of dusting it this year?

Club captain Brenda Rees congratulates the winner Ceri !  What a close match!  Down to the wire!  After 29 thrilling ends, daughter beat mother by just 4 shots.



Christine Twaite, many times winner of the trophy, marked the game for Ceri and Carwen

Comment from Ceri:

“We both played to win, but I would have been delighted for my mother if she’d won:”

Carwen said ” As long as we both had a good game I didn’t mind who won.  But she’s not having tea tonight!”