Resolven Ladies Bowls Pairs Tournament

There were no W. Glamorgan League or County Competitions this year due to Covid 19 restrictions ,but Resolven Ladies Sec./Treasurer, Carwen Thomas filled the gap admirably for her members with exciting and entertaining “friendlies” against other clubs. She also managed to keep club competions going by involving all the new bowlers as well as the established players. It’s turning out to be a great “taster” for the “rookieS” and it’s actually thanks to them that the club membership has nearly doubled this season.

Carwen Thomas (top left)

For the Pairs Competition, new players were paired with experienced bowlers and it was played as a “Round Robin” with an A group all playing each other and a B group doing likewise-A side winners to meet B side winners at a later date.

After an afternoon of highly enjoyable bowling. it was time for tea

Carwen read out the scores, (kept secret during the match by each team ). The winners in each group will meet in the Final (to be arranged). So. congratulations to Ceri Holmes and Ann Evans who will meet Margaret Phillips and Hilary Fouracre in the Final.