Remembrance Sunday

Father Andrew Davies and members of St. David’s Church Resolven, together with the Resolven Branch of the Royal British Legion, will once again, be conducting this year’s Remembrance Day Services at both Resolven and Clyne.

The Resolven Service will commence at 10:30 am in the Church Hall, then just before 11:00 am it will continue outside at the War Memorial for the Act of Remembrance.
The whole Service at Clyne will commence at 12:00 noon at the War Memorial.

During recent years the attendance at both Services has significantly increased and both the Church and the Royal British Legion look forward once again to your support.

On Friday, 10th November, 2017, the senior class at Ynysfach School will be attending at the Resolven War Memorial, where during a short Service a member of the class will lay a wreath in Remembrance of the fallen.

It is right that the children are taking part in such a solemn and important occasion and the Church and Legion wish to thank the Headmaster, Mr. Morgan and the children’s parents for their support, without which, the occasion would not be possible.

The organisers ask that, if available, the local community make an effort to attend as this would encourage the children and be a good omen for their attendance in future years.