Peter Guard’s Table Tennis Memories

I recently read articles on your site and the article written by Gareth Evans, who I know has been involved on the Resolven Table Tennis scene for an extremely long time. I started my table tennis at the YMCA in the late 40’s early 50’s and later played for the old Welfare Team who were then an established and well respected Swansea Premier League team.

After serving in the Forces, I took up the sport again at the YMCA and together with Rennison Edwards and Len “Dog” Jones we entered a team in the Swansea League. I believe this was about 1964.The following season we entered a B Team consisting of Conway Rogers, Idris James, Keri Guard and myself. Conway was a young teenager whilst Idris and Keri were barely in their teens. I was probably included because I had a car and provided transport. The team went through the season with a 100% record with Keri, Idris and Conway finishing in the top three of the division averages. In addition, Idris and Keri represented Swansea Juniors including a trip to Ireland. Sadly, Rennison and Len are no longer with us.