Nik Samuel Remembers Gran and Getting the Coal In



Just another memory..


Ow, what’s for tea Gran

Bugger tea she’d say

There’s a ton of coal out back

And don’t take all bloody day

Well?    Gran would say

I’d go and change into my scruffs

The barrow had a puncher

The shovel was short and worn

I hated getting the coal in

But if I didn’t they’d only bloody moan..

Gran would pitch in too

As long as she had a fag

We’d both be black as midnight

And the dust would make me gag..


Nearly finished now

We swept up all the small

A man came round the corner

He wasn’t very tall

A man who swung a man drill

He too was black as soot

Hard as granite and had that miners look


He tipped he cap

And tipped his fag

And gave me a knowing wink

Then said as only miners do

“How be”

He’d probably dug that coal

In the dark and soaking hell

I tip my cap to him and the miners

All like Sel…