News Letter from Health Board

Covid Vaccine Newsletter from Swansea Bay University Health Board

Date: February 4, 2022

Edition number: 34


We have given more than 800,000 doses and continue to vaccinate seven days a week.

Full details of where you can get the dose you need are below, along with information on other developments.

Latest news

Statement from our Executive Director of Public Health, Keith Reid, following an issue at the Bay Mass Vaccination Centre last weekend.

“I wish to apologise to those young people who were turned away from the vaccination centre at the weekend after responding to an invitation for a second dose.

“This shouldn’t have happened and I am sorry for the upset and upheaval this will have caused you and your families. I also recognise that you now have to attend again to get the vaccination and I hope that your experience on your recent visit has not put you off getting a second dose of vaccine.

“I have asked for an investigation to establish why this occurred so we can prevent it happening again.

“We understand that at least 30 young people were turned away in error over the Saturday and Sunday and we are really sorry about this. The investigation will look in detail at why this happened and the exact numbers who were affected. But at this stage it does not appear that the invitations were issued too early.”

Vaccination for those with allergies

If you have an allergy or allergies, we understand you will need good quality information on how your body might react to vaccination before deciding to go ahead.

If you do have questions or concerns you can speak to one of our clinicians by contacting our booking line on 01792 200492 or 01639 862323 before attending for vaccination.

After speaking to you, the clinical lead may refer you to the allergy clinic where there is the potential option of having the vaccine in a specialised clinic if deemed appropriate.

We have also pulled together some vaccination facts that may help:

.     The Covid vaccines are safe for those with allergies (including anaphylaxis) to wasp, bee or other insect stings and allergies to any food or drink.

.     The current vaccines do not contain any traces of nuts, gluten, egg, or soy.

.     The current vaccines do not contain latex and are therefore suitable for those with an allergy to latex.

.     All UK approved Covid vaccines do not contain penicillin or any other antibiotics. If you are allergic to penicillin or another antibiotic, you can still receive the vaccines.

.     All immunisers are trained and will assess suitability for vaccination when they go through the eligibility questions prior to vaccination. If there is any concern they will refer to our allergy service for advice.

.     If vaccination goes ahead the immuniser might request you wait for longer post vaccination – up to 30 minutes.

Getting the vaccine

You can get whatever dose you need at drop-in sessions or by booking online.

In addition, we continue to invite those who become eligible.

Drop-in sessions are available at the Bay MVC, our containers (local vaccination centres) at the Guildhall in Swansea, Pontardawe Leisure Centre and in a number of community pharmacies.

From Wednesday, February 16th, we will also have a container outside Croeserw Community Hub.

Please go to our website for more details on vaccination sessions and the online booking link.

Important information:

.     Anyone 18 or over or under 18 and in an at-risk category who has had a positive Covid test result must wait until 28 days have passed following the positive result before having a vaccination.

.     Anyone aged 12 to 17 who is not at risk and has had a positive Covid test result must wait until 12 weeks have passed following the positive result before having a vaccination.

.     Please note, the vaccination appointment system generates appointments based on the date of the previous dose and is not able to take a positive Covid test result into account. So you may get an invitation to attend before the 28 day or 12-week waiting period is up. Please only attend once the appropriate period has passed post the positive test result.

.     There does not need to be any gap between a HPV vaccine and Covid vaccine, no matter which comes first.

.     There must be a gap of 13 weeks or more between a 2nd or 3rd primary dose and a booster.

Trial for Covid treatment

Have you just tested positive for Covid-19? Would you like to join a new UK-wide trial for effective early treatments?

This trial is available for people who are at wider risk of serious illness from Covid-19 either because:

•        They are over the age of 50, or 

•        They are aged 18 to 49 with underlying health conditions. (Many will already qualify for free annual flu jabs.)

To take part people need to fall into one of the at-risk groups, have tested positive for Covid-19 by either a PCR or LFT test, and have symptoms.

The PANORAMIC trial involves a course of oral tablets. These tablets are already used to treat some people who are ill enough with Covid-19 to be in hospital.

The trial is now looking at how effective the treatment is for people who are still at home who test positive for Covid-19, and who have symptoms.

It is a UK-wide study and anyone who is in the at-risk categories can apply to take part, whether they have been vaccinated or not.  More details, including a link to apply online, are available on the PANORAMIC website  Or, ring 08081 560017 (calls are free.)

Once accepted onto the trial, the tablets are posted to you straight away as they should be taken within five days. You will be asked to answer follow up questions online or by telephone, but no face-to-face visits are needed.

Afghan interpreter’s move to Swansea translates into new NHS career

Having flown out of Afghanistan, fearing for his life as the Taliban stormed Kabul, Mohamed Ferooz Noori is now helping save lives by working with Swansea Bay’s vaccination programme.

The father of two was relocated to the UK following the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan last August.

He had been working as a translator alongside the British military, and when he arrived in the UK was originally sent to Cardiff before moving to Swansea. He now works as a call handler in Bay Mass Vaccination Centre.

Go to this page on our website to read the full story.

Vaccination team reflects on happy relationship with wedding venue

Swansea Bay’s vaccination team has undergone an amicable parting of the ways with The Orangery at Margam.

After delivering more than 150,000 Covid vaccinations, over the course of the past year, at the picturesque wedding venue in the grounds of Margam Park, the team is set to move to a new venue in Aberafan Shopping Centre.

The change of venue will allow The Orangery to revert to its former use as a sought-after location for happy couples to celebrate tying the knot.

Go to this page to read more about the closure of our vaccination centre in Margam.

Walking group uses great outdoors to help tackle long Covid

People suffering with long Covid symptoms are benefiting from getting out in the great outdoors as part of their ongoing recovery.

A new walking group sees those taking part exercising at their own pace as they are accompanied along the route by a GP and a physiotherapy assistant practitioner.

Patients who have been referred to the Long Covid Rehabilitation Service, which runs from the Bay Field Hospital, are invited to take part in the weekly walks as an extension of the support available to them.

Go to this page to read more about the long Covid walking group.

Latest Covid vaccination figures

Please note: Figures correct as of 1pm on Friday, February 4th. These figures are for the Swansea Bay University Health Board area, not the whole of Wales.

1st dose: 303,954

2nd dose: 282,985

3rd dose (for the immunosuppressed): 7,106

Booster dose: 214,418

Running total (1, 2, 3 and booster doses): 808,463

That’s all for this week. Many thanks for reading.