New Local Borough Councillor

The by election for the ward on May 23rd has provided a brand new councillor in Dean Lewis!

Going from a vastly experienced councillor  of over 30 years in the late Desmond Davies to Dean Lewis who has never run for office previously is a recipe for change in the area .

Councillor Lewis spoke to Resolven District News on various subjects and his enthusiasm for what’s ahead is infectious.


Dean chose to stand as an independent candidate for his own community in the hope that not being part of a recognised political party or group it will allow him more freedom to concentrate on his own ward which is his priority. Dean has a fresh outlook and as an independent offers the ward something new and diverse.  Aged 46  and living all his life in Resolven he believes that had a huge impact on his election result .Even though he has fresh ideas and hopes he has also vowed to continue with the work already started by the previous councillor.  This includes keeping up the pressure on improving public transport to help those needing to attend the new doctors surgery that’s opening this summer and working in collaboration with the Resolven Community Council in their efforts to obtain new land for use as a new cemetery ready for when St David’s churchyard is full.


Dean felt moved to put his name forward for election after talking to friends and family about the changes to resolve that he has witnessed over the years. A once bustling commercial road and amenities for all ages now a distant memory.  It’s true to say many residents feel Resolven has been feels forgotten by the borough council when they speak of regeneration and the spending of funding that is secured for new projects. While he appreciates the cuts to council budgets means the loss of services and amenities he is confident there are other avenues to follow to apply for funding to regenerate the valleys and not only the towns. That is what he intends to investigate.


There was no bigger loss locally than the closure of Clyne school and although it was a sad day for Clyne.  Dean has been impressed how both the pupils from Clyne and Ynysfach primary school as a whole have successfully managed the transition and believes it brought the villages of Resolven and Clyne even closer .

Resolven Clyne and Abergarwed are blessed with a good and productive community spirit of which Dean is proud to be part of and has been active in projects such as the carnival and a member of the trustees at the miners welfare hall and this is what makes him confident going forward in showing Resolven to the borough council as a shining beacon that deserves its voice being heard when applying for funding for future projects.


The newly elected councillor was humbled by the support he received and is now excited at the chance to put Resolven on the borough map.


As has always happened in years gone by local man has put himself forward to represent his community and wants to do his utmost to improve this area and we at Resolven District News wish him every success in his endeavours.