Natasha’s “Walkabout” pictures of our valley during lockdown

As a key worker and working throughout lockdown, it was lovely to be able to come home from work and go out walking and enjoy the scenery around us on our door step. I was able to walk along the canal, the river and also discover new paths to walk while exploring the wonderful mountains surrounding our village. One of my many hobbies is taking photos, so this was an added bonus, to be able to combine two of my hobbies in one.-walking and taking photos.

 I thought I would share some of my photos with you, as I am aware that some people have been shielding during the lockdown and may not have been able to be out and about. 

Along the canal from Resolven Basin to Rheola

Walking the Mountains

Along the River

I took this picture of a branch that had snapped off a tree, because it looked just like an angel’s wing.

Lockdown has made me appreciate the beauty of the valley I live in and all the places we have on our doorstep where we can go walking. It has made me look closer and value the beauty of nature around us.