Message from Resolvenite in Luton

Des Jones, now in his nineties, has delighted us before with his memories of growing up and working in Resolven, so it is great to hear from him again.

Hello everyone,

A Happy New Year to you all!

In my last year at Glyncastle Colliery, Mr Sam Lloyd and I were part of the gang in the timber yard 1949.   Sam was telling me about all the chairs he had won for his poetry in the Welsh Eisteddfods and that they were not looking too good being stored in the loft.  I said bring them down from the loft, give them a good clean and let them dry out a bit, and I’ll get you a  tin of bee’s wax.   Not long after that, I left and came to Luton .

Some time later I came home to visit my parents and met Sam in the street in Resolven.  We had a nice chat and I asked him about his chairs. “ They are fine Desmond “ he said.  “What  I do on a fine sunny day, I put them out on the pavement and the children come along and make them look like new.”

Now then!!!!! Is there anyone who knows where the chairs are now or who remembers helping to clean them?

With All Best Wishes,

Des Jones