Memories of Resolven Library ~ Circa 2005


Pat, Mair and Sandra are Librarians of the highest degree

Before you have time to select a book – they’ve brought one for you to see…

Their library is a place of excellence, it’s clean, cosy and bright

With a clutch of computers and shelves of books to feed modern intellect that’s right….


There’s always a cheerful welcome, no matter how busy they may be

With a classroom of children and teachers, there’s time for a smile for me

It’s usually busy each weekday, there’s always some exhibition on view

A photographic, historical, delightful scenes of interest to me and you……


I enjoy my visits to the library, to introduce my Grandchildren to books

And on those dark wet winter evenings, curl up in a cosy nook….

Those poems by Rudyard Kipling, to stimulate the deep recesses of the mind

Biographies of the great composers whose contribution had enriched mankind…


I love to read, study and remember, making up for years of lost time,

I’m truly grateful to the ‘Ladies of the Library’ for their contribution, and being most kind

So, do join us in our search for understanding, it’s well worth to pop along inside

Find a book that will stimulate your interest, even the ebb and flow of Swansea’s tide….


Time and tide waits, they say, for no man, there’s a need to be geographically aligned

With wisdom, knowledge and patience to meet the demands of modern times

Three cheers for Resolven Library, it’s a meeting place, a ‘rendezvous’

Where friends and family communicate, just as we ought to do.

Brynmor Morgan

{1931 ~ 2019}

Tŷ Gwyn


~ ~ ~ ~