Look Behind You!

Turn around and look behind you when waiting for the bus home in the centre of Neath, and there it is-the best view from a bus station in the country, surely?

Victoria Gardens was opened to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and then officially opened as Victoria Gardens in 1898.  Several features from different parts of Neath have been brought together such as the Gorsedd Stones from the 1918 National Eisteddfod and the larger than life bronze statue of Howell Gwyn moved from in front of the Gwyn Hall

The bandstand in the centre of Victoria Gardens is the jewel in its crown.

Songtime with Bill Bennet in 2015

It was a warm, blue sky day and people of all ages sang along and tapped their feet when Bill came on the stage. It was a wonderful afternoon.

We are hoping these days will come back soon.

Also, thanks to all the gardeners, there is always  a fantastic array of flowers throughout the season.

As always, at this time of the year, the daffodils beds brighten up  the day for us

 Report and Images by RDN photographer Mike Davies