Keep your Eyes Peeled at Halloween

If you come across unexpected litle crocheted gifts around the village, here’s the reason why

Resolven’s Random Acts of Kindness started when two friends started talking about what they could do to help brighten up people’s day. We both learnt to crochet during the first lockdown and we thought we would share some small projects to make people smile. We have all had a difficult year and half and we realised that some people live alone, some people may struggle and some people may feel alone and/or isolated.The main aim of Resolven’s Random Acts Of Kindness is for us to make the projects and hide them around Resolven and the surrounding areas. The crochet item will be hidden with a card that will include a positive thought for the day, quotes or sayings, we hope people find them and it helps people to smile, to know they are not alone and that people care. We crochet a small item such as flowers, butterflies, rainbows, hearts; these are just a few examples.

We have also made things to run along with calendar events, we recently hid Green ribbons as this was for Mental Health Awareness Day

 Our next items to hide will be around  the theme of Halloween.

If you find any of the items please feel free to take them home and keep them or pass them onto someone else to help brighten up their day and to make them smile.

Keep your eyes peeled and happy hunting!