Happy Birthday Abergarwed Twins



Warmest “Birthday Greetings” go to Mike Davies, our brilliant Resolven District News photographer and twin brother Pat who are 76 on Sunday the 5th of April

Mike always says he’s delighted to be here because when he and Pat  arrived in Abergarwed 76 years ago, the midwife gave him two days to live!  He also says he never missed a day at school in Resolven and we say he’s never missed a good photo opportunity since the day he picked up a camera..


The BBC often use his pictures of local scenes during their T.V weather forecasts-he is one of their top Weather Watchers and where would we be on RDN without the constant stream of top-notch photos he gives us?

Here are a few  from our  “Mike” collection
















Thanks for those and all the other images you’ve delighted us withMike


Make the most of your “isolated”  coronavirus birthday  Abergarwed twins.  Remember the music!


With their dad Vernon’s  dance band (including Mike’s wife Maureen) in Glynneath Social-1960’s