Flower Bed Opportunity in the Bowling Green Area


The Resolven based Bowls Clubs are extremely optimistic given the recent developments in the pandemic and the latest advice from Sport Wales and the Bowls Governing Bodies that there will be a meaningful 2021 bowling season, unlike 2020 – as previously reported.

The bowling green is open from 10a.m. each day between April and September and, if all goes to plan then friendlies and competitive matches will take place this season.

It is fortunate that there is a wonderful surround to the bowling green which was given to the Community by Col J E Vaughan. The huge Copper Birch tree in full leaf is one of the focal points of Resolven Park.

This year, the club and Community Council are offering the opportunity to adopt a flower bed that surround the green.

There are 9 in total, roughly 3m x 1m each and provide a great backdrop to the bowling green and community pavilion.



There are basic tools available to use and we will make sure that free tea and coffee is readily available, maybe even cake if you are lucky.


If you are interested in the flower beds adoption (only a couple of beds left) or some sponsorship options which are available then visit Resolven Bowls Club Facebook page or drop an email to resolvenbowls@gmail.com or contact Andrew Hopkins on 07960138287.

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