Down Memory Lane with Peter Guard

Recently read an article by Gareth Evans together with pics of old players from Resolven past teams.I played for the Welfare B Team in the mid 50’s with the occasional game for the A Team who were then an established team in the first/premier division.HM Armed Forces curtailed my interests at this time.In 1962 I was contacted by Renison Edwards and Len “Dog”Jones who wanted to enter a YMCA Team in the Swansea and District Table Tennis League.Sadly both Rennison and Len have passed on.I think we ended the season mid table but seemed to have aroused interest from other members.The following season we entered B and C Teams and persuaded Dennis Bailey and Ken Lewis out of retirement to give support.The B Team consisting of  Conway Rogers,Idris James,Kerry Guard and myself.Much the older man as I don’t think Idris and Kerry were in their teens but both represented Swansea Juniors that season including a trip to Ireland.We had a successful season winning our league with a 100% record.Kerry,Idris and Conway finished 1st,2nd and 3rd in the final league averages with myself squeezing at 10th.I could find my trophy,I would confirm the year and league.Resolven,as Gareth stated,has a long table tennis tradition.