Clydach Brook Update


Message from Councillor Dean Lewis

-Below is the update I requested last week from NPT officers 

“The preliminary repairs have been undertaken by NWRs contractor and our Engineers have been on site to monitor the works. The void under the wall has been filled but there is more work to be done on the spillway. 

The contractor is starting to pull off site as they haven’t been able to do much work over the last couple of weeks due to water levels. The plan is for them to come back in April to finish off the works.

With regards to the wall itself we have asked the contractor to undertake some devegetation works which they have partially completed but they will finish on their return. We will also look to undertake some repointing & rebidding of any loose stones after the main works have been completed. 

Before NWR complete their works on site we will undertake a full structural survey to make sure nothing is missed. 

With regards to raising the height of the steel parapet this will have to be raised with Network Rail as they own the bridge. If they are willing to raise the parapet and they have funding they will need to get permission from CADW as it is a grade II listed structure. This may be problematical from dealing we have had with CADW regarding our own structures. As part of the evidence we will have to supply documentation to prove that the river has over topped at this location and caused flooding.”