Closure of the Resolven British Legion Branch


The Royal British Legion is the heart of a national network that supports our Armed Forces community, they are there through thick and thin ensuring their unique contribution is never forgotten.  The organisation is a registered charity and was founded in 1921 and whose objectives together with a network of partners and volunteers, is to give help and support to members of the Armed Forces wherever and whenever it’s needed.   This help and support consists of expert advice and guidance to recovery and rehabilitation through to transitioning to civilian life.  The Legion will be by their side every step of the way, not just members of the Armed Forces but their families too.  If their vast network cannot help they will know someone who can.

The Resolven British Legion Branch was founded in 1927
and it seems that the Institution was founded in 1950 and research reveals that the Annual Dinner was revived on 10th April, 1952 with the club filled to capacity.  The guest of honour being Mr. Helier de Carbery, a retired school master from Weston Super Mare who served as an officer in the 9th Welch during the First World War, he served with a number of men from Resolven and paid tribute to their fighting qualities and that it was an honour to serve with them.  Other guests included Captain V.J. Sankey R.N. Councillor and W. Kingdom Owen J.P. Neath.  Life Certificates were presented to Messrs G. Pickford and J. Evans both of Abergarwed, for completing 25 years unbroken service to the Resolven Branch.  The Club and Institute then had 600 members at this time with Captain Sankey being the President.

Many will recall not so far back when the officers of the club and Institute were President: Len Gully, Chairman: Roy Bowden, Vice Chairman: Glan Evans, Secretary: David Williams, Treasurer: Bob Langdon,  Standard Bearer: Aubrey Newton.  All these members were military men, as was most of the committee.  The club was run on military lines and had very few problems on matters of discipline.

Sadly, owing to financial difficulties the Club closed its doors for the final time on 29th June, 2012, this was a crushing blow to the communities of Resolven, Melincourt, Clyne and Abergarwed as the beating heart of the social life of the area was now lost forever, a team of volunteers resurrected the Branch on 1st November, 2012, but now unfortunately owing to the number of resignations and deaths of members the Branch became dysfunctional and out of compliance with the Royal British Legion constitution and as a result the Branch has now permanently closed after ninety four years service. In order to complete the closure the final rites took place at 12 noon on Sunday, 18th July, 2021 at St David’s church when the Resolven Branch British Legion Standard (Flag) was decommissioned by Father Andrew Davies during a short service.

Also present were the former officers – (Chairman) Roger Place, (Secretary) David Richards (Vice Chairman and Standard Bearer) Ashley Philbrick.

The outgoing officers wish to thank the very many people who had supported the Branch and Institute over the very many years, the loss of both amenities have been very sad days.