Another Report on the Duck Race

The Duck Race

After much deliberation as to where to hold this year’s Duck Race it was decided we would try Clydach Brook that runs through the village of Resolven.  To get down to the stream was not as easy as previous duck race venues having to climb over the railings, shimmy across the ledge and then climb down the ladder by the water station but it was thought with it being more central, more people being able to come along and watch the fun.  And it was fun, especially for those of us in the stream.

With the help of my nephew, Adam we set up the race course and the, all important, Duck Barrier – so we could ensure that no duck escaped.  We positioned the final line several metres up stream for the duck barrier and in between the two we had many duck collectors ranging from the ages of 3 (nearly 4) to 59 (nearly 60) with carrier bags, nets and laundry baskets.  Further up-stream Huw was strategically positioned on the blue bridge to launch the ducks.  Then from the launch position to the winning line Chris and Adam covered the length of the race course ensuring that no ducks went astray or got stuck behind a stone.  There were to be 4 races of 100 ducks each with the 1st five from each race going through to the final race.  That would be 5 launches in total, however Huw must have lost count or thought that a trial final was needed before the Grand Final took place, so we had 6 duck races in total.

The winning ducks were        1st       £30      Tracey Edwards

2nd       £15        Brenda Wykes

3rd        £5      Natalie Thomas

I would like to thank everyone who helped, those in the stream, those who sold tickets and bought a duck, Tracey for recording duck numbers, supporters and photographers.  But a special thank you for my little helpers who made the capture of the ducks much easier than in previous years – Sonny Challoner, Myllie Jones, Marci Jones, Mei Gillespie and Lola Challoner. And for the record none of us fell in the stream and all ducks have been returned safely and resting for their next race.

With donations received the Parish raised £400.

Tnank you, Ruth Jones