A Resolven Poet Remembered


Sam Lloyd was a well known Welsh poet, in Resolven, and I worked with him in the Timber Yard at Glyncastle Colliery just after the war. I was a young man and he was a lot older than me.  I left the colliery, when the essential works order came off, in January 1950. They were apparently in his loft and were gathering dust and looking tatty! He asked me what he could do with them and I suggested a large tin of Bees Wax.I am now 96yrs old and I live with my son in Norfolk. I’ve been thinking about the chairs and wonder if anyone at Resolven District News would know of their whereabouts?

I keep up with what’s going on in Resolven and the surrounding area by looking at your website regularly. I was born in Neath but lived in Clyne, before moving to Luton to work at Vauxhall Motors in 1950.    My nephew was Councillor Des Davies.

All the best everyone! 

Des Jones

Des with his family