Mike Davies Shoots a Rainbow

A rainbow opposite the rising sun over the A465 at Resolven.

This is an image not often seen as there was no rain to form a rainbow
the following text from Google:

“A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.
It takes the form of a multicoloured circular arc.  Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun.”


IMAGE and REPORT by Mike Davies







Resolven Women Bowlers Win Local Derby

Resolven Ladies Bowls Club faced Glynneath Ladies last week in the annual Shield game and walked off the green as winners.


As usual, there was an extra special bowls tea afterwards.









The event serves a double purpose. It is played as a West Glamorgan League game too.  So Resolven picked up important points by winning on 2 rinks and losing by just 1 shot on one rink.

But the history behind the shield contest goes back to 1987, as Martha Cowley sec. of Glynneath Ladies who was there at the time explains.

“A touring team of men and women bowlers from Milton Regis  were due to play  at the Gnoll in Neath and were disappointed to find the club had no women’s team at  the time.  But the Gnoll club sent out a plea for help to local ladies’ clubs and  Glynneath and Resolven  responded, providing a rink each.. The  tourists had brought along a shield to present to their hosts, but who was to receive it  Resolven or Glynneath?  Problem solved!  We decided to ‘fight for the honour ‘ every year.”



Iris Thomas, President of Resolven Ladies Club, who provided the current Shield when the three previous ones ran out of space, presented it to vice- captain Ceri Holmes, who was delighted to receive it on behalf of her team.

PHOTOS by Max Gillespie


















Resolven Bowling Success in 2018

Resolven was well represented recently in the West Glamorgan County Bowling Association semi-finals and finals days at Brynhyfryd BC green, Neath.


After many previous rounds played Home and Away, eleven Resolven Bowls Club members represented RBC in the Open and Senior Singles, Pairs, Triples or Fours.

They are Shane James, Lionel Stock, Adrian Bradley, Randall Sims, Hugh Lewis, Martin Addis, Shaun Kelly, Gareth Evans, Ieuan Ace, John Fryer and Aylwin Jones.

All mentioned above are in the Resolven Bowls Club photograph below.

Despite challenging bowling green conditions at Brynhyfryd due to a very long dry and hot period of weather, the standard of bowling was generally high.

This tournament was played over two days, therefore some successful participants in more than one event had to play 3 games of up to 3½ hours per  game, in one day with only 15 minutes rest allowed between games, which was challenging for senior bowlers and was the case with some Resolven BC members.

Shaun Kelly


Shaun Kelly, a valued member and Captain of Resolven BC this year, was successful against Martin Legg, BSC Landore, winning 15-14 in the Two Wood Singles Final to become West Glamorgan Champion.






In the Senior (60 years & Over) Fours event Resolven members Adrian Bradley, Randall Sims Martin Addis and Hugh Lewis were winners in the Semi-Final against Swansea Vale BC bowlers and Parc Llewellyn BC, Swansea bowlers in the 2018 Final.

In August the successful four will be travelling to Llandrindod Wells to represent West Glamorgan County in the Welsh Bowling Association Finals.

Adrian Bradley, Martin Addis, Randall Sims & Hugh Lewis


As County finalists in the Senior Triples, Adrian Bradley, Ieuan Ace and Gareth Evans will be playing in the Welsh Finals at Llandrindod Wells in August.

John Fryer, Aylwin Jones, Gareth Evans & Ieuan Ace


This is the second successive year that the County  Senior Fours event has been won by Resolven bowlers. Here we see last year’s winners.



~ ~ ~





Resolven Bowls Club play the sport home and away with mid-week and weekend games.

Resolven Bowling Green Pavilion

If you don’t like contact sports or have stopped playing them you can still enjoy playing the sport of Bowls. Play from the age of 8 to 88+ years of age.

Like any sport you have to work at it to play it well.

~ ~ ~


Hugh Lewis (RDN Team)




Resolven Chemist – The Future

The following text is information from Ross the Pharmacist at the Resolven Chemist to clarify their position after closure of the Resolven Surgery.


I have had many enquiries recently regarding the future of Davies Chemist in Resolven after the surgery in Resolven closes and moves to its new site in Glynneath.

I wish to reassure our customers and patients that it is our intention to remain in Resolven and continue to provide the village and surrounding areas with all its pharmacy needs.  I appreciate that we have fiercely loyal customers and would like to repay that loyalty by continuing to provide Pharmacy services long into the future as we have done for the last 29 years.

I have been fortunate enough to be the pharmacist in Resolven for the last 10 years, I have even made the village my home.  I will continue to put Resolven pharmacy forward to deliver new pharmacy services such as the flu vaccine service started last year and more recently ‘Choose Pharmacy‘.  It is important to me that the people of Resolven and the surrounding areas have access to all NHS pharmacy services, which include:

Dispensing NHS prescriptions

Stop smoking service

Medicine Use Reviews

Discharge Medication Reviews

MAR chart scheme

Emergency contraception

Emergency Supply service

Choose Pharmacy (minor ailments)


We also have other services available such as our free delivery service.


One of the biggest concerns that I am asked about is the ordering of repeat prescriptions.

I have foreseen that this was going to be a big worry for many patients.  As a result, for the last few years I have been perfecting a repeat prescription management service, with the backing of the Vale of Neath Practice, in anticipation of the surgery move.  The service involves Resolven pharmacy staff helping patients manage their repeat prescription re-ordering.  The advantages are that patients can re-order items in the pharmacy in Resolven, we will then take the orders to the new surgery in Glynneath and collect the prescriptions and dispense them ready for collection or delivery.  So, unless you have an appointment in the new health centre, you won’t need to go there, we’ll do all the back and fore.


As I have already mentioned we have worked hard in the last few years with selected patients to ensure the service is robust and fit for purpose.  I feel that it is a very effective way of managing and synchronising repeat prescriptions, reducing medicine waste and unnecessary hoarding of medicines at home.  Feedback from patients has been excellent and very encouraging.

Please pop into the pharmacy to find out more and even enrol now in anticipation of the surgery move.

I intend to have a prescription drop off box in the new surgery which will be emptied a few times a day.

Vale of Neath Health Centre/Surgery
{Austin-Smith:Lord, John Weaver Contractors}

So, if you’re in the surgery and have a prescription in your hand you can either bring it to us, as many patients do at present, or, you can drop the prescription into the box and collect the dispensed prescription in Resolven pharmacy later that day or have it delivered free of charge.


Finally, for those patients who find it difficult to get to the pharmacy through mobility or due to work commitments, we are launching a dedicated prescription re-order phone line 01639 711100.  Simply give us a call to re-order any repeat prescription from the surgery and we’ll do all the rest!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all patients for their support.  I urge all patients to act now and talk to us about the best way we can help to manage your repeat prescriptions.  By doing this, by the time the new surgery is operational the disruption will be minimal, thank you.



Contact information:

Telephone 01639 710248

Email: Resolven@davieschemists.co.uk


Compiled by Hugh Lewis (RDN Team)

Sardis Community Hall -Clubs for Youngsters




REV. FORTUNATO SANTOS – 077370769-57

REPORT from Public Meeting Held re. Bus Services and New Health Centre

Meeting held  in Resolven Welfare Hall on Friday the 13th of July

The meeting was attended by about 20 residents who were welcomed by South West Wales AM Mrs Suzy Davies.  She said that she had been involved with the original fight to save the Resolven surgery from closure but that fight was over and it was now a question of trying to improve access to the new health centre at Glynneath when it opens in the spring by ensuring that bus services are adequate.

N PT County Borough Councillor Des Davies said he had met with NPT Council transport officers who liaise with bus company chiefs. He has joined forces with all other councillors representing the Neath valley.

Des told the meeting that he was told First Cymru would be introducing a new time table from September but there is only one change proposed for local services and that was to move one bus time by 11 minutes. He will check to see if any further changes are proposed but because of the registration regulations, a certain period of notice must be given to the council before any changes come in and nothing has been proposed yet.

He said that after the bus company changed from a half hourly to an hourly service for Resolven in January, he had been in touch with Alex Davies who is the practice manager at the present Glynneath surgery and he will be running the new centre.

The practice wrote to First Cymru in February protesting about the cuts but the reply stated that there was not enough patronage to justify the half hourly service.

The practice will get back in touch when the new health centre is due to open to see if there could be an increased frequency of buses to match surgery times.

Des said that ABMu is behind schedule in drawing up its Transport Plan for the new health centre. When the new health centre at Briton Ferry was opened, extra buses were laid on for patients to get to it. Why not Resolven?

Des said that all they could do was push ABMu to produce the transport plan. He said they need to pull their finger out. People living in Abergarwed were also affected and there was a need to co-ordinate the bus services..

Des said that he had had talks with DANSA (Community bus service) but there was a danger that if they ran bus services in competition with First Cymru, FC will pull all service. At least there is still an hourly bus. The risk was that Dansa or a rival bus company would not be able to sustain an alternative service leaving people with nothing.

Local, Mrs Susan Elias, said that the existing service does not meet all the needs of villagers. People attending Neath Port Talbot hospital had a problem with getting buses once they are only hourly. Also, she said that the early service is so full that it is passing people in Tonna because there is not enough room. People with prams are also prevented from getting on because of space issues.

Des said that the police have stopped some of the buses in Tonna to check if they are too full. but they complied with the regulations

A gentleman who uses the buses wrote to the company and he had a reply saying that they will not revert back to having a half hourly service.

It was also stated that buses were not going up to Pont Walby and Ponthneathvaughan because the company says that there is no time for a turn around. Yet buses stop at Tonna for up to 5 minutes and also wait in Glynneath.

Susan also pointed out that First Cymru are operating buses along the main Neath to Port Talbot route every 15 minutes and they are often running empty.

Suzy said that with Dansa there would be a risk that if they operate too many commercial trips, they could affect their licence as they are a community bus service. She said that while they can plug gaps in services on commercial routes, they have to be careful of crossing a line and becoming a fully commercial service which would affect their registration.

Susan Elias  also pointed out that the Dansa buses travel into the estate where she lives but to catch a First bus, people had to get down to the main road. This would be a problem for some patients as they try to get to the new health centre.

Des said that nothing much could be done at present until ABMu produced their transport plan when people would be able to see exactly what is being proposed. Also, they need a firm date for the opening of the new health centre to try and co-ordinate bus services.

He said that once the centre is due to open, they can again make the case for a half hourly service because there would be a guaranteed additional patronage of the service.  While it was stated that someone had been told by the bus company that most of the users were using bus passes, Suzy pointed out that bus companies get paid for every journey made using a bus pass so they do get income from those journeys.

One lady pointed out that there was also a knock-on effect on people using the buses to get to work.  She said some people were getting to their place of work an hour before time because if they wait for the next bus, they would be late.  Coming home, some people are having to wait 45 minutes or more for the bus home as a result of the loss of the half hourly service.

Des said that all five councillors locally were working together to gather evidence to put before the bus companies.  Suzy told everyone to write in letters – she said a petition often counts as only one objection. She said that the more case studies of how people are affected, the stronger the arguments would be.

Des said that to date, the bus companies were only interested in profit. He said that NPT Council were carrying out some work on this themselves especially as some councils run their own bus services. He said if Briton Ferry could have extra services to take people to their new health centre, why couldn’t this happen for Resolven?

One of the suggestions made was that extra buses be put on at peak times when people are going to and from work and also perhaps to co-ordinate with surgery opening hours. The rest of the time, an hourly service would probably be adequate.

Des said that they need to see the ABMu transport plan asap so that they can make suggestions. But this required three to four months and then the bus company needed time to register new services. There may also be a consultation period for the new plan.

One man pointed out that bus services were needed to promote tourism, He said that the Neath Valley had many places of interest from the falls at Pontneathvaughan to the canal, the Aberdualis Falls and many walking and mountain biking routes.  Suzy said that this was a good point and that different budgets within Welsh Government could be sourced to provide funding for these services. The tourism minister may provide some funding with perhaps the health minister and local government minister providing more.

Des said that NPT officers had put the suggestion of peak hours services to the bus comany. They have suggested having a half hourly service between 8.30am to 11am and then later in the day for people coming home. He said that pressure needed to be put on bus companies.

Asked about subsidies from NPT council for bus services, Des said that they are used to provide services to communities that have no services at all.

Suzy said she would help by putting pressure on the bus companies especially as there are issues with overcrowding on some









Suzy’s P.A.  Jayne Isaac taking notes

And this is an update on how the new Vale of Neath Health Centre is progressing

Image by RDN photographer Mike Davies




Village Entrance Surprise, Carnival Day Parade & Field

Seen by incomers to Resolven Village – Local resident cleverly advertises the Carnival day.


‘INDONESIAN ARCHITECTS’ performing outside the St David’s Church Hall. 


The spectators wait for the Carnival Parade at the Square.



Zumba Band



At the Vaughan Park

Judges – Cllr. Aylwin Jones, Carole Hopkins & Christine Twaite


At the Bowling Green adjacent to the Carnival field

A sample of Welsh International bowling shirts used by Andrew Hopkins in California, Hong Kong, Israel, Ireland etc. Also shirts from Welsh International Stephen Allen.           A number of Resolven Bowls Club members have played Internationally for Wales .


Andrew Hopkins, Bowls Coach and Welsh International instructing a new bowler

Andrew Hopkins and Lionel Stock helping some new bowlers. Bowls is a sport that can be played from the age of 8 to 88.


Nigel James, Coach suggesting a different size bowl and Lionel Stock giving encouragement to a first time bowler.

Rev. Andrew Davies delivers a bowl, a day before he delivers his sermon. Looking on is Lionel Stock and RDN Editor Anita Morgan.
In the background Ieuan Ace encourages Marcia (the shop/Post Office) & friend on the green.

After opening the Carnival, Cllr Aylwin Jones with Father Andrew near the bowling green.


Congratulations to the Resolven Community Events Group for a most enjoyable day.


Presentation by

Hugh Lewis

2018 Resolven Hanging Basket Competition – Result

The Resolven Hanging Basket Competition in 2018 was a bloomin’…. success once again. The wonderful sunny weather of recent weeks ensured that the entries were many and varied, although the dry conditions proved to be a challenge for some entrants.

The judging was done by Mr Mark Cunningham of Neath Port Talbot College Horticultural Department, whom we are pleased to say, is no stranger to the Competition as he has been coming to Resolven for many years now.

In his write-up to RDN he explains fully how he views his visit to Resolven:-

Another year and what fantastic weather we have had and did have on the day.  Once again judging was tight and the standards of the baskets very high and exceptional.  Especially in light of our very warm summer.  Keeping baskets looking good and in their prime is very much hard work and the people who entered had done a fantastic job in doing this.   The competition was close across the board as was first, second and third place. 

 I do hope the community carry on with this competition.  It is such a fantastic competition to have in the community, bringing the community together.  I would like to thank the community for giving of their time and allowing me to see the hanging baskets.

 I enjoy seeing you all at this annual event. 

Hopefully I will see you all next year for the hanging basket competition.


The competition was kindly sponsored by Resolven Community Council and Cllr. Aylwin Jones, Chairman presented the prizes to the worthy winners.

1st Prize – £50

Susan & Brian Pritchard receiving the 1st place prize money from Cllr. Aylwin Jones


2nd Prize – £30

Ron Turner accepting 2nd prize from Cllr. Aylwin Jones


3rd Prize – £20

Bernard Bradley with Cllr. Aylwin Jones receiving 3rd Prize

Our thanks to all who made this competition so successful.


Presentation by

Hugh & Lorna Lewis (RDN Team)




















Resolven Carnival Parade Hits John Street and the Field

Another great Carnival Day for Resolven!  Join the Parade






























Judging  the Fancy Dress Competiton were Mr Aylwin Jones (Resolven Community Council Chairman), Mrs Carol Hopkins and Mrs Christine Twaite.  They  had a really hard task this year –the ideas and the costumes and props were fantastic..



Walking Float-The Greatest Showman

Best Adult Group-Mario

Best Girl-Call the Midwife


Best Boy-Mr Bean


Best Chidren’s Pair-Bill and Ben

Judging over,  then came “All the Fun of the Fair ” —and more.





The Bowling Green was open for people to have -a- go, and Resolven club members like Ieuan Ace were there to give advice.

Marcia”the Shop” in action

The Vicar, Father Andrew, really took to it and said he’d be trying his hand again




Back on the Carnival Field, the Resolven Welfare Hall Trustees were encouraging us to get involved in plans for  the future of our Miners’ Welfare Hall


Ynysfach W.I ‘s stall had a mouthwatering selection of cakes. as usual





All over for another year !

Our thanks go to the hardworking and talented Resolven Community Events Group for giving the community yet another Carnival Day to remember. Terrific!











The following is information from the



Most fires in the home can be prevented, by taking some basic and common sense precautions.

By following the guidance shown here, you will substantially reduce the chances of fire harming you, your family or your home.

Should you require any further advice or support, please do not hesitate to contact the Home Fire Safety Check Co-ordinator on 0800 169 1234





































































































FREE home fire safety check

FREE smoke alarms

from your local Fire and Rescue Service

Call FREE now

0800 169 1234









New Resolven Donation Centre for Food Bank

Resolven Cyber and Resource Centre is now collecting donations of food for the Vale of Neath food bank which is based in Glynneath. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a very worthwhile cause and we hope it will be well supported. Please see the poster for a full list of the foods that are needed.

From Non Humphreys ( secretary to the trustees )



Happy 90th Birthday Gwenda

Gwenda North of Cory Street Resolven was 90 on the 21st of June. But congratulations  went on for days after that and on Wednesday the 27th of June, it was the turn of her friends in Resolven Ladies Bowls Club to raise a glass in her honour.









Gwenda is a non-playing member of the club now.  But she was an invaluable team player for many years-one of the club’s finest bowlers and current team players were delighted to share a birthday meal with her in the Lamb and Flag. Glynneath.





Red Kite Stage Rally at Resolven

A ‘Red Kite Stage’ at Resolven

On 24th June the 2018 Pirelli MSA Welsh Forest Rally Championships moved into the second half of the season with the Red Kite Stages. The series has generated a record number of entries and produced a tight battle for the overall title.

Rally Location Map

The return of these classic stages of the South Wales valleys is a welcome prospect for the Championship contenders.

Crews had 45 miles of action on some of the most challenging stages in Wales, used previous on the World Rally Championship, Wales Rally GB.

The two-wheel drive (2WD) contenders in this event, organised by the Amman & District Motor Club started at Resolven at 8.30am and the four wheel drive (4WD) event at 1.00pm.

Also many local motor clubs provided their support – marshalling etc.

It was the usual quiet Sunday morning when the tranquillity of the village was suddenly interrupted by the sounds and sights of rally cars.

Outside Marcia’s/Post Office – Thumbs Up from the driver

The Course covered the mountain north west of Resolven, namely Hirfynydd, the majestic mountain which overlooks the village, and the mountain south east of the Neath Valley Moel yr Hyrddod, and Mynydd Resolfen Mountain.

Dust rising along the rally route on Hirfynydd mountain, North West of Resolven, above Abergarwed


No.49 Tom Coughtrie & Simon Jones in Ford Escort RS 1800 MkII, at the Resolven Square – with Hirfynydd in the background

It was indeed an unexpected and exciting sight for the village, to see the cars at the Square come from both directions, at the same time, as they made their way, at intervals, from one stage to the next

No 45 BMW 325i E30 with Andrew Fox & Lee Jaime Fox + No 20 Ford Escort RS 1800 MKII of B Stevenson-Wheeler & J Pickavance

Max Utting driving past the Square with co-driver Robbie Durant in a Ford Fiesta ST

Spectators were welcomed and directed to selected areas

Passing Tabernacle Chapel

No. 33 Hillman Avenger – Barry Jordan & Paul Wakely

The Service and Maintenance Area for the event was the old TRW/Cam Gears car park and the facilities of the adjacent Resolven Community and Recreational Centre/Resolven RFC (Cam Gears Club) were available.

The MG ZR of James Weaver & Teresa Butler No 78 after the Event

For the spectators on the mountainsides with wonderfully clear visibility the Vale of Neath must have looked impressive with the village and surrounding areas looking the best that it could be.

Due to the dry weather, the road conditions for the competitors turned out to be quite different from some previous years in this area.


Further information is available on the event website,  https://www.ewrc-results.com/results/45788-red-kite-stages-national-a-2018/  while you can find out more about the Pirelli MSA Welsh Forest Rally Championship at   wnrc.wamc.org.uk, on the Championship Facebook page and on Twitter @WnRC


Article by Lorna & Hugh Lewis (RDN Team)


UPDATE on Vale of Neath Health Centre


Estimated Completion Date – Early 2019

The following text is supplied by:


Work has started on a new purpose-built £3.3m centre on a regeneration site in Vale of Neath, which will relocate the Vale of Neath Practice, D.R. Cecil Jones Pharmacy and Health Board Services.

Aerial Photographs taken on 3 May 2018


The development of this impressive and innovative 1,664 sq m scheme, developed by The Healthcare Property Company Wales (HPC Wales), is aimed at improving the quality of the patient’s experience and treatment. It will provide 56 parking spaces for staff and patients including 6 disabled spaces.

Bringing all of these services together under one roof will substantially improve the primary care offering to the local communities of Glynneath, Cwmgwrach, Pontneddfechan, Ystradfellte, Rhigos, Resolven, Melincourt, Clyne and Abergarwed. The centre will have the flexibility to adapt for future health service requirements.

The centre, which is being built on the former Washery Site at Aberpergwm is supported by the Welsh Government and is being developed in partnership with the Vale of Neath Practice and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board. The project also has the full backing of ABM Community Health Council.

Photograph – early June 2018

“This development will significantly enhance the health offering for the Vale of Neath. Our team has carefully considered the requirements of the surgeries, pharmacy and health board to ensure that we build a facility that is sustainable and flexible for future use. We are delighted that work has started on-site to see this much-needed centre come to fruition,” said Paul Stacey, HPC Wales Managing Director.

Photograph – Mid June 2018

The building has been designed by architects Austin-Smith:Lord and is being constructed by John Weaver Contractors to achieve a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating and an ‘Excellent’ rating for energy.


Photograph – Mid June 2018

Senior partner Dr Paul Westwood said: “All the GP partners and staff at the Vale of Neath Practice are delighted to witness the commencement of work on the new health centre, which will undoubtedly be a vast improvement to the facilities that we are currently utilising to provide primary care services.

“Our registered patients in the various surrounding local communities have patiently waited more than 13 years for the development to reach this stage but there is a buzz of excitement within the locality as the  new  health centre ‘dream’ develops into a structural reality which will hopefully be open to our patients in early 2019.”

ABMU’s Director of Primary and Community Services Hilary Dover added: “We are delighted that work is now starting on the site which will provide first class modern facilities for GP and community healthcare services to meet the needs of residents. 

“As healthcare conditions change and develop we need the space and facilities to provide appropriate treatment and services, which could not always be possible from the existing practice premises. I would like to thank all those involved with the project who have worked tirelessly over a number of years to progress this development for a truly integrated new primary care centre.”

Superintendent Pharmacy Director Niki Watts said: “All the pharmacy team and myself are looking forward to the completion of the health centre and the new opportunities it will bring to serve the community. 

“Up-to-date robotic technology will create more time to take up the welcomed widening role of community pharmacy.  With three consultation rooms we will be able to continue, develop and improve our health services. Working under one roof with our health colleagues, this will enable us to offer a seamless, efficient and effective holistic service. 

“It will be sad to leave the old shop but unfortunately, it could not physically meet the needs of the pharmacy’s changing role. Whilst the building and location of the pharmacy maybe changing, our ethos and values of being a community pharmacy remain the same and will be at the heart of the health centre.”


HPC Wales is a joint venture between The Healthcare Property Company Ltd and Gaufron Healthcare Ltd of Llandrindod Wells. The development was financed by MedicX Fund.

About The Healthcare Property Company

The Healthcare Property Company develops healthcare real estate partnering clinical service providers in the UK to deliver bespoke and cost-effective care facilities. It has extensive experience in delivering all aspects of the process, including financing, site finding, construction and relocation, project management and design.


The above text kindly supplied by


Photographs & Graphics kindly supplied by



Compiled by Hugh Lewis (RDN Team)

Photos from Scrumptious Cream Tea





Word has spread about the mouth-watering array of cakes on display in St David’s Church Hall for the Annual Summer Cream Tea  All tables were taken on Friday afternoon for this year’s tea party-very good news for the organisers who arrange the tea to raise funds for St. David’s Church Restoration Fund

Maybe not so good for the waistline,but who cared!



















Sorry Father Andrew -not your raffle


Congratulations  to all the hard working church members who  arranged the tea party.and raised £872.12  for the Church Restoration Fund–and a scrumptious afternoon was enjoyed by all.