Mike’s camera captures “mini beast from the east”

Wales was battered by icy weather as the polar vortex nicknamed mini “Beast from the East” spiralled in from the Arctic this week.

Here are a few images taken on the Brecon Beacons









IMAGES and Report from MIKE DAVIES


Clyne Mission Easter Services






Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ’


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    GOOD FRIDAY 30th March  at 7.00 pm

   Speaker: Pastor Peter Mitchell



EASTER SUNDAY 1st APRIL  11.00am & 6.00pm

Speaker: Pastor Peter Mitchell (Clyne)


Clyne Free Mission Lletty Dafydd Clyne SA11 4BW


Funeral Notice for Mrs Betty Harris

UFO Clouds Spotted Over Vale of Neath

Lenticular clouds— sometimes called UFO clouds– seen at sunrise over the Vale of Neath 

Mike Davies






Mike Davies Train Spotting

Passenger train on the Neath to Brecon line 10/03/2018



We do not often see a passenger train on these lines today apart from a little freight  This caught me by surprise as she came from London Paddington, Cardiff Central, after returning to the Neath and  Brecon Junction and reversing she commences a second long climb on a ten mile remnant of the former Neath & Brecon Railway to Onllwyn, and the remains of the  Seven Sisters station, which closed in 1962, By the time they reach the end of the line they would have gained considerable altitude and the scenery  become quite wild and remote,

Mike Davies

Report from Resolfen History Society’s March Meting

This month’s speaker was Mr John Richards of Neath, who has visited the Society many times. This year he took the Ancient Greeks as his topic. He admitted at the outset that this was a massive topic and he would only be able to scratch its surface. In essence, his talk might be summarised as “what the ancient Greeks left to us”. Indeed, it was remarkable how much of our speech, culture, politics architecture and even entertainment wend their way back to the early Greek city states.

Mr Richards began by looking at how the Greeks themselves were very nearly subsumed by the Asiatic Persian culture almost before they began. He asked the audience, who they would assume was the most important Greek of ancient times, several candidates were suggested from Plato to Aristotle, yet it was the little known Themistocles who had Mr Richards’s approval. The answer was simple since Themistocles had literally saved Greece. Following the successful triumph at Marathon against the Persians, Xerxes returned some decade later in 480 BC with an army of a million men. They quickly took and sacked Athens, and the Greeks fled to the island of Salamis. Themistocles realised that the size of the Persian army was also its weakness since the supply chain on land across the Hellespont was too long. The army, which could metaphorically drink a river dry, would have to be supplied by sea. Themistocles managed to get an informer to tell Xerxes that the Greeks were in a very weak position, yet the subsequent sea battle destroyed the Persian fleet.

Following Salamis, there flowered a Greek civilisation and cultural explosion in medicine (Hippocratic oath) , sport ( Olympic games) , mathematics, astrology, steam engines, architecture ( neo classical designs in modern buildings) and entertainment. These were later adopted and developed by the Romans, and even the customs of the churches owe a lot to the Greek theatre. Mr Richards went on to describe Greek religion which was not worship as we would know it, but instead a trade off by means of sacrifice in order to gain advantage in life from the gods. The word tragoedia which is supposedly reminiscent of a goat being taken to sacrifice, gives us the word ‘tragedy’. The sacrifice would take place at an altar or Thespis and the dramatic gestures of the priest gives us the word ‘thespian’, to describe an actor.

The Greeks were not averse to adopting other cultures’ gods and Dionysus an Asiatic god was readily accepted. Dionysus is known as Bacchus by the Romans.  Dionysus was the god of fertility and wine, later considered a patron of the arts. He reputedly created wine and spread the art of viticulture, so it is hardly surprising that he was a popular god with his festival around April time synonymous with phallic symbols and merrymaking. The three plays in massive outdoor theatres associated with Dionysus included mainly tragedies by authors such as Sophocles and Euripides. The plots were usually ghastly and gory and stimulated both fear and pity, much as a modern horror movie. The antithesis was the fourth play a comedy by Aristophanes involved a degree of lewd merriment. The plots involved discussions, logos before prologos and epilogos which are easily identifiable words in modern English. Mr Richards concluded his talk by showing slides of Greek architecture. The Acropolis and Parthenon were explained and the Greek theatres shape gave us orchestra , odeon and palladium.


 Mr Trefor Jones thanked Mr. Richards for a very enjoyable and illuminating talk

Another Cup Success for Resolven Footballers

Reserve Division 2 Cup Final —Mond FC v Resolven FC MARCH 7th 2018


For the 2nd time in 2 years the 2nds win the Reserve Division Cup in front of a good crowd of supporters that all made the journey in heavy rain.  The support for the team was fantastic throughout with the stands turning green and white for the night.




Michael Grinter


Gregory Arnold

Daniel Wellstead

Lee Chambers

Sam Wills


Joseph Beale,Sean Hirons,Cam Cox, Jonathan Williams

Aaron Shead-Phillips (C)Christian Arthurs

Subs – Dean Thomas, Ashley Bevan, James Whitney, Ashley Oates, Chris Oates

Resolven dominated play first half but failed to capitalise on many chances created by the quick attacking play

Half time 0 – 0

2nd half was once again dominated by Resolven and the breakthrough came on 65 minutes when a cross to the back post found C Arthurs who headed back across goal and found the bottom of the net. 1 – 0! It was another 10 minutes before Arthurs once again scored after receiving the ball out wide and scored a sensational goal into the top corner 2 -0 !

The celebrations were barely over when C Cox volleyed with a dipping shot from 25 yards . 3 – 0 and the crowd went wild! The game was put to bed with 10 minutes to go when Cox pounced on some poor defending and finished well from inside the box . 4 -0 !!!!

Final score Mond FC 0 – Resolven FC 4–Man of the match C Arthurs



Every Resolven player had a really good game and the supporters showed their appreciation.

Well done Resolven FC !



Table Tennis Teams Doing Well

Just a few words on table tennis-with the season going into the second half of the Swansea League the Cam Gears teams are doing well

 The A team of Ceri Higgon, Morgan Siddley and Martin Evans are 4th in the Premier division.

The B team consisting of Gareth Evans, Michael Policht and Cerys Evans are 4th in Division 1 

The C team of John Jones, Graham Butler, Tom Vale and But Wong are 7th.

The D team of Paul Gillespie, Malcolm Davies and David Davies  are also 7th in Division 2.


The club has also played well in the Tudor Jones Cup with the A,C and D teams reaching the semi finals.

The C and D teams were drawn against each other with the D team winning 15 – 6 after receiving a handicap start of plus 7–Malcolm winning 6 – 1, Paul 5 – 3 and David 4 – 2.

The A team were drawn against Penyrheol D who had a handicap start of plus 11, unfortunately for the A side Penyrheol played really well and used the handicap to full advantage to run out worthy winners 13 – 8.

For the A team Morgan played really well and won his games 6 – 1.


The final between Cam Gears D and Penyrheol D will take place at the end of the season, the date to be arranged.










Mad as a March Hare

I am an early riser, and when spring is in the air I go for a drive on top of Cadoxton mountain, and then take a casual stroll to see what is around. Much to my surprise, I found this leveret (baby hare ) on the road,

I thought sure he was dead, but when I knelt down to see if he was OK, I could see him breathing.  He had gone to sleep, probably, so I picked him up and put him in the field where the parent hare was running around as  “Mad as  a March Hare” — I hid behind a hay bale hoping he would stop at the
point where I could take a photo.  It was long wait as he went whizzing around the field. They are super runners.  He was as big as a small dog, and then right on cue, he stopped right in front of me where I could get a decent image of him.

It was indeed an amazing morning

Mike Davies

Daniel Going for Gold in Australia

Daniel Jervis, Resolven’s swimming sensation, has been training hard for this year’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Daniel’s report:

“I have been non stop over the last few weeks with training and everything. I’m actually writing this email on a plane flying back home from the British Swimming Championships in Edinburgh.

(Daniel took  Gold in the 1500 metres freestyle there-retaining the title he won at last year’s British Championships )

Training is  going pretty well at the moment. In September me and a few Guys from the British team flew out to Flagstaff, Arizona for a 3 week altitude camp. It went great! The training was extremely tough but we did have a few days off to explore a little e.g the Grand Canyon and slide rock state park( a natural slide formation in a canyon)

Coming back from that, me and the rest of my team at Swansea Aquatics went straight into a 6 week block of hard training to get ready for the Wales Commonwealth Games trials to be held in Swansea at the beginning of December. In this competition I swam a total of 3 events, the 200 freestyle, 400 Freestyle and my main event the 1500 freestyle. During this competition I qualified to compete for Wales at my second Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast City, Australia.

(Daniel  took the bronze medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Games 1500 metres  freestyle so he’s going for gold this time)

On the 27th of December, Swim Wales took me and 15 other Welsh swimmers to Orlando, Florida for a warm weather training camp. The purpose of this camp was to train outdoors in the sun to lift our Vitamin D levels as we don’t get much sun in Wales! —But I can tell you it was not hot, and it was not sunny! We were training outdoors in 2 degrees in Florida’s coldest weather in 40 years! All in all though the training camp was a great success (even battling the elements)

On the 1st of March, I and the rest of Swansea Aquatics travelled up to Edinburgh to compete in the 2018 British Swimming  Championships. Although not race ready for the competition due to hard training, I was able to retain my British title in the men’s 1500m freestyle and picked up a bronze in the 400 freestyle.

The time I did in the 1500m freestyle at the time ranked me as world number 1


I am now in my final block of training before I and the rest of Team Wales fly out to Queensland, Australia


I would just like to thank everyone for all the support I have received throughout my career so far, and hopefully for a long time in the future. I am honoured to not only represent my country of Wales, but to represent my village of Resolven-a community I am very proud to be part of.”

Thank you 

Daniel Jervis

The Games will take place between the 4th and 15th of April


We’ll be watching you  with pride and “roaring” you along!