The Little Ones Remember Too

Cherished Childminding and Amy’s Angels (Resolven Childminders) pictures show you’re never too young to learn about our history.








Garfield Evans WW1 Exhibition

Victoria Gardens Neath will hold an exhibition of WW1 paintings by renowned Resolven artist Garfield Evans 

November 10th-15th –Opening hours 10am-4pm 

 Except for Tuesday November 13th—12.30-4pm




Photographic images by Mike Davies 

YouTube presentation-Click below

























































Church Winter Tea

School Photos-are you here?


  Second showing for these photos as we  still haven’t managed to put names to all the faces-can you help an old schoolmate?  Here’s the email we received   earlier this year from  Helen Corps (née Nicholls and known at school by the name of Sally)

Hello Resolven District News!

I came across your site whilst googling for a newspaper local to Resolven.  I lived in Resolven from 1957 to April 1961 before moving to Reading where my family still lives.  Recently,  whilst with my mum, we were going through the box of old black and white photos , she brought out some class photos  taken during our time at school in Resolven.  I had never seen these photos before.  My mum had written our classmates’ and teachers’ names, as far as she knew them, on the back of the photos.. I would be delighted to be able to confirm names and add names to complete these lists with the help of RDN viewers

Photo 1 is of my nursery class in1960.   Photo 2 shows my brother Peter’s class in 1960 and Photo 3 shows my sister Susan’s class in 1960.  Photo 4 is dated 1959 and is Susan’s class again.


Miss Noreen,Miss Williams

Sian Evans/Karen/Colin Bennards/Ian/Leyton Case/Davies/Michael Lewis/Keryn Weefer/Alan/Carol/Alison

 Sally Nicholls/Georgean/Gillian Davies/Julie James/Cathryn Perry/Linda/Janie/Pat/Molly Evans/Linfa

 Howard Rees/Stephen/Wayne Jenkins/Geoffrey/Wayne Addiscot/Owen/Randall

Peter Nicholls/Roy Gillespie/Adrian Davies/Paul Tregonning/Melville Morgan/Keith Llewellyn/Lynn Gillard/Ivor Jones/David Weeter

 Katrina/Judith Pritchard/Nicholas Jarrett/Robert Bordon/GarethEdwards/Lynn Evans/Julia Roner/Pat Jones/Gina

 Jane Newberry/Frances Lewis/Christine Price/Theresa Leman/Heather Davies/Wendy James/Linda Roberts/Joyce Welstead/Jean Powell/Pauline Billen

 Christopher Osborne/John Davies/Tony Davies/Maldwyn Machie

Jimmy/Howell Rees/Peter Williams/Stephen Perry/Glen Alan/John Morgan/Lyn Davies/Alan Jenkins/Lyn Jones

 Judith Jones/Ceryl Norton/Gillian Winters/Ann Jones/Linda Jenkins/Peggy O’Donnall/Kathleen Williams/Glynis Collard/Jane Sweetman

Karen Hale/Colleen Beynon/Eluned Davies/Janice Morgan/Pam Wellbourne/Julie Davies/Susan Ncholls/Cheryl Davies/Deborah Jenkins/Yvonne Godfrey

 Kerry Roberts/Colin Sims/Michael Jones/Gareth James



If you can help complete Helen’s list, email us on and we’ll pass the names  on to her.















Chinese Auction

Chinese Auction

30 October 2018


On a bright but cold autumn afternoon in late October, St David’s Church Hall held their annual Chinese Auction event.

This ‘fun’ afternoon is now in its 4th year and has become very successful for one and all.


The ‘Chinese Auction’ at Resolven was first thought about by a couple of enterprising church members. These ladies travelled to Longford Community Hall in Neath to see first hand how a Chinese Auction works.

They then brought their ideas back to Resolven and the result is a day that members, friends and family, particularly children, look forward to every year.


The £2 entrance fee included refreshments and the auction tickets were available in different colours, £1 for a strip of 5.


Auction Tickets

Father Andrew announcing the serving of refreshments


Items with some auction tickets included










The Draw

The previously bought two tickets with the same colour and number were separated and one placed on an item of choice.

The tickets were then drawn for that item, and the person who had the corresponding number won the item.

The Draw








There were all kinds of everyday items to choose from, including household gifts, ornaments, crockery, toys, jewellery and even a rail of clothing, in fact, a little something for everyone.

Judging by the crowds present, it has clearly become a social afternoon, a fun get together, an easy going enjoyable occasion and a wonderful way to boost the Church Restoration Funds while bringing local people together.


Finally the Chinese Auction Day raised the grand total of £440. All proceeds will be added to the Church Restoration Fund.


Report by Lorna & Hugh Lewis (RDN Team)




Building Blocks World War 1 Memorial Tea

Head Shave for Macmillan in Resolven



Angie Chillingworth  “Braved the Shave” for Macmillan Cancer Support in  Hers and Sirs salon Resolven  this week  Before the razor began its work,  Angie said:

“Why I hear you ask??? Well I am doing this to pay respect to all those who have fought and lost the battle with cancer and for those brave soulss who continue to battle!

I am taking part in this fundraising event to raise money in memory of my mum, Patricia Pennell who passed away aged 81 after a short 2nd battle with breast cancer and for a dear friend who passed away on her birthday this year.

My mum was a very proud lady and didn’t like to make a fuss, she  had many illnesses in her life, from shingles to heart attacks and strokes, although she never gave in and would never complain. My dad passed away suddenly on the 19th December 2005, it would have been their 48th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of December, a little piece of mum died that day also, however she remained independent, she moved to Silian near Lampeter which was closer to my older brother although she was isolated and her decline was noticeable, she had had a breast lump for several years and not told anyone, she thought it was nothing, although in reality I think she knew what it was! The lump ulcerated and became an open wound, she was sent to see an oncologist who stated they could not operate or give her chemotherapy/radiotherapy as she had other health conditions which would make it impossible for her to get through it, her only option was an anti-cancer hormone tablet, which thankfully worked, and she was given the all clear a year or so later. I Also moved mum down closer to me.

Patricia,Angie and Katy Angie’s daughter


In April 2017 she had a really bad chest infection and she was admitted to hospital, during her stay they completed tests which sadly showed her breast cancer had returned, but also she had multiple secondary metastases in the liver, she saw the oncologist, a lovely man by the name of Mr Rolles, he sat her down and said, stop all your other medication and go home and have a glass of champagne, there was no treatment and he said she had about 3 months.  As my mum only lived a few yards from my husband and myself, I moved in with her. She declined rapidly, but . wanted to pass away in her own home, surrounded by her personal things, she did not want to be in hospital, The doctors at the Vale of Neath practice made this happen for her and I would like to thank them for all the support they gave both my mum and me, it was very hard to see her deteriorating and to watch a strong woman not even be able to feed herself.  Each day I would make sure she talked about the things that worried her or stories from her past, there were pictures of my dad and fresh flowers in her view  to! It was important to allow her time to reflect on the family she has and also the inevitable too! Mum sadly passed away on the 1st of October 2017 at home with her 3 children and our respective husbands and wives by her side.

During this difficult time a dear friend’s wife was also going through the awful trauma of ovarian cancer, again she was given a diagnosis that the cancer would end her life, she was still so young with much to live for, she died on the 21st May 2018, such a special lady with a fighting spirit, Dee her wife, will be making the 1st shave on Tuesday 30th October at 11,30am.”


Dee starts the job supervised by hairdresser Lucy

Lucy takes over









Husband Pete inspects

“People say to me you are ‘brave’ for shaving you’re hair off, my answer to them is simple, mine will grow back. and I will hopefully be here when it does. All those other people who are fighting cancer and lose their hair don’t always have that luxury, and if I can raise a few pounds to make their life a little easier, then what I am doing is not brave, it’s a pleasure and a privilege!!!”

All gone and still smiling

Well done Angie!  Hope you reach your £500 target

If you want make a donation to Angie’s “Brave the Shave”.- click on the link  below .



































People say to me you are ‘brave’ for shaving you’re hair off, my answer to them is simple, mine will grow back, and I will hopefully be here when it does, all those other people who are fighting cancer and lose their hair don’t always have that luxury, and if I can raise a few pounds to make their life a little easier, then what I am doing is not brave, it’s a pleasure and a privilege!!!”










Resolfen History Society November Meeting

Neath’s Great War Poppy Trail Oct 27th

The Poppy Trail took place on a bitterly cold day with a biting wind. The Women Suffragettes gathered in Victoria Park, ready to march through the town in part of the centenary celebrations, and aims to tell the story of a select few of those service men who lost their lives in the conflict

Images and presentation by RDN photographer Mike Davies






You tube link here

New Shop in Village


Emily Ridge and Lisa Stokes have opened for business on the Square selling take away food with many home made options on the menu.

We wish them luck in their new endeavour and hope it’s a great success.

Watch this space for 2 more new shops opening soon!



New Debrillators for Resolven

Resolven Community Council are to be congratulated on acquiring funds from the Ffynnon Oer  Wind Farm Energy Project and from  Ynysfach W.I. to purchase a new defibrillator and three secure storage boxes from the charity Cariad.  Thanks have also got to be given to the Welsh Ambulance Service public access defibrillator scheme (especially our own Mr Lyn Evans and Mrs Jemma Langdon) for securing two defibrillators for the village.

The locations  of the defibrillators are:

  • The Church Hall
  • The Rugby Club
  • The Bowling Green
  • Sardis  (this defibrillator has been called upon four times since it was fitted)








Remarkable Sunset

 Remarkable sunsets could be seen in parts of the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Mike Davies RDN photographer went out to capture this amazing spectacle and

Mike would like to share them with our RDN readers



More Mist Pics From Mike–Resolven Canal




Photos by Mike Davies taken at Resolven canal


Resolven Welfare Autumn Fair

Autumn Mist in Our Valley

Mike Davies was out early to get these great photos for us in the Vale of Neath