Mad as a March Hare

I am an early riser, and when spring is in the air I go for a drive on top of Cadoxton mountain, and then take a casual stroll to see what is around. Much to my surprise, I found this leveret (baby hare ) on the road,

I thought sure he was dead, but when I knelt down to see if he was OK, I could see him breathing.  He had gone to sleep, probably, so I picked him up and put him in the field where the parent hare was running around as  “Mad as  a March Hare” — I hid behind a hay bale hoping he would stop at the
point where I could take a photo.  It was long wait as he went whizzing around the field. They are super runners.  He was as big as a small dog, and then right on cue, he stopped right in front of me where I could get a decent image of him.

It was indeed an amazing morning

Mike Davies