Ynysfach  School’s Remembrance Service



On Friday the 10th of November, at 11 a.m, Class 6 from Ynysfach Primary School took part in a moving Remembrance Service at the village War Memorial.  The Resolven Branch of the British Legion and St David’s Church were both involved in organising what has become an annual tribute to “The Fallen” by Ynysfach pupils.

There was a brief flurry of rain before the children arrived, but the sun shone fitfully throughout the service conducted by Father Andrew Davies.

The children took part by reading aloud every name on the War memorial They also read poems and a Remembrance Prayer for Children and a youngster solemnly laid a wreath on the steps of the Memorial on behalf all his schoolmates.

The youngsters observed a sombre silence throughout the whole ceremony, which included the Last Post and the Raising and Lowering of the Flag.


Mike Davies Images from Storm Brian

Mike was up the crack of dawn to get RDN these spectacular images of Storm Brian as it hit Porthcawl recently.  High tide was at 8p.m and Mike says he has never witnessed such a storm as this before.

Don’t worry!   Mike was safe and out of harm’s way and says he’s looking forward to the next one!


Ynysfach School “Grow a Pound “results




Last term Ynysfach Primary School held a “Grow A Pound” initiative. All pupils were given £1 and asked to come up with ideas on how to turn the £1 into more money. There were many fantastic ideas, many community based and the pupils raised over £2000. The money is being spent on things that the pupils want. The first things to arrive are a wooden train, pirate ship and a messy table.









Playtime games have also been bought

and new benches for the yard.


Well done to all the pupils, parents and the community!

Donna Stroud










Remembrance Sunday

Father Andrew Davies and members of St. David’s Church Resolven, together with the Resolven Branch of the Royal British Legion, will once again, be conducting this year’s Remembrance Day Services at both Resolven and Clyne.

The Resolven Service will commence at 10:30 am in the Church Hall, then just before 11:00 am it will continue outside at the War Memorial for the Act of Remembrance.
The whole Service at Clyne will commence at 12:00 noon at the War Memorial.

During recent years the attendance at both Services has significantly increased and both the Church and the Royal British Legion look forward once again to your support.

On Friday, 10th November, 2017, the senior class at Ynysfach School will be attending at the Resolven War Memorial, where during a short Service a member of the class will lay a wreath in Remembrance of the fallen.

It is right that the children are taking part in such a solemn and important occasion and the Church and Legion wish to thank the Headmaster, Mr. Morgan and the children’s parents for their support, without which, the occasion would not be possible.

The organisers ask that, if available, the local community make an effort to attend as this would encourage the children and be a good omen for their attendance in future years.


Summer into Autumn with Ynysfach WI

It seems a dim memory now but at the end of August we enjoyed a wonderful day at Blenheim Palace.

We were blessed with the most beautiful weather in which to explore the magnificent house and glorious grounds.

The Palace is, of course, steeped in history, from 1704 when the estate was given by a grateful country to the Duke of Marlborough following his success at the Battle of Blenheim, up to the present day when it is celebrated as the childhood home of Winston Churchill.

The magnificent interiors and excellent incorporated exhibitions make it a hugely enjoyable and interesting place to visit – highly recommended!

In September we enjoyed ‘ a most diverting evening in the most fashionable company’!  June Ashton- Mears was our speaker. She makes accurately detailed copies of Victorian costumes (mostly using recycled fabrics!) they really were beautiful – although the six of us that modelled the gowns were relieved that we were not asked to wear the original corsetry on display!


Our gallant models were June Davies, Dot Evans, Carole Jeffrey, Jean Hill and me, led by Brenda Rees dressed as Queen Victoria herself.

I don’t know if you have tried to sit down while wearing a crinoline but…….!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, our speaker was amusing and informative and had brought along many original accessories to show us. June’s husband took some very professional looking photos of us, including Brenda as a very regal Queen Victoria and Jean taking an elegant stroll.

It was a fashion show of a rather more relaxed style that we experienced at the end of the month.  Along with a few other WIs we attended a ‘Lunch and Fashion Show’ at Norton House Hotel, Mumbles. The lunch was delicious and the fashions from Solo and Goose Island were altogether more casual – not a crinoline or bustle in sight!

JEN COLLEY (President Ynysfach W.I)