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Message from Resolvenite in Luton

Des Jones, now in his nineties, has delighted us before with his memories of growing up and working in Resolven, so it is great to hear from him again. Hello everyone, A Happy New Year to you all! In my last year at Glyncastle Colliery, Mr Sam Lloyd and I were part of the gang in […]

The Highest Tides

The River Neath The highest tides in the world can be found in Canada’s Bay of Fundy at Burntcoat Head in Nova Scotia, The 2nd highest tides are around the coast of South Wales UK Witness these high tides in springtime and winter with these images taken around the Neath river area showing  just how powerful the sea […]

Wolf Moon Rising

    The remarkably bright wolf moon seen rising over the Vale of Neath.   Picture taken with an early start and with just a window space before the clouds gathered.   IMAGE by  MIKE DAVIES


Star gazers will be treated to a double lunar event to start the new decade as the “wolf moon” coincides with a penumbra lunar eclipse The first full moon of January, which is nicknamed the “wolf moon,” will appear opposite the sun on Friday at 2:21 p.m. and will appear full until Sunday morning, according to NASA.” “Star” source […]

An Intruder in Mike‘s Garden

Imagine this. You’re enjoying a morning brew in your garden. The blue tits are calling to one another, the goldfinches are feeding, and the blackbird is staking his claim over the land with his fluid, musical song.  Suddenly, the blackbird’s song ceases to flow. Instead it becomes that frantic chip chip! – The intruder alarm […]

Mike Davies Captures Banwen Miners’ Hunt on Camera

Despite the damp grey skies there was, as always, a good gathering in Neath on Boxing Day to greet the Banwen Miners’ Hunt.                 Report, pictures and video by MIKE DAVIES you can find the video with live footage on youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEz-GlAkBzE             […]

Resolven Ladies’ Bowls Club Presentation Lunch

The awards for the Resolven Ladies’ Bowls Club 2019 winners were presented during a festive, lively and much enjoyed Christmas lunch in the Lamb and Flag, Glynneath on the 9th of December. Audrey Grifiths/Christine Twaite/ Ceri Holmes 2019 Club Members The proceedings began with an apology for absence from Club President Iris Thomas who is […]

All the Fun of the Fayre

Resolven Community Events Group organised another delightful “getogether” for the village on Saturday-the Christmas Fayre.  The weather was dull and gloomy outside, but inside St. David’s Church Hall there was a kaleidoscope of colour and smiling faces.  RDN photographer Mike Davies was there to capture these images for us.             […]

Christmas Concert by Ladies’ Choir

The concert was held on Monday the 2nd of December in Noddfa Newydd, Tonna and the choir can be heard in the Aberafon Shopping Centre on Saturday the 14th of December at 11.am. The choir was formed in May 1981 and six months later made their concert debut at the Gwyn hall Neath, with the […]

Valley Sunrise

Sunrise over the Vale of Neath Taken on the 1st of December, 2019 MIKE DAVIES (RDN photographer)